Sonia Kashuk & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sonia Kashuk is a makeup artist and well known for her makeup line in Target. She's got amazing drugstore makeup brushes (especially her fluffy eyeshadow brush and the small eyeshadow brush)

What you may not have known is that she is a survivor of breast cancer and so because of this, she put out (possibly for several years now) a collection at Target of which 15% of the purchase price are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

(Can I just say that I love it when a company gives a concrete percentage or number straight out? Sometimes saying a portion is too ambiguous for me)

This year, her blog is doing something awesome by giving away items from her BCRF Collection! She has many different survivors and family members talking about their experiences with breast cancer and it's so empowering.

I had the amazing luck to win this, a curler, tweezer and eyeshadow palette set and they've got a giveaway going on now that I feel that everyone should enter!
Beyond the actual giveaway part, it's just amazing to read the stories. Although my family members have not been afflicted with breast cancer, there have been scares with my sister so someone you know probably have been affected!

If you want to purchase the items separately, here they are on the Target website, shipping is free on the items too!

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