Sugarpill Order/Brush Order

First off, I feel it's kind of deceiving to post finger swatches because when I did them it made it look kind of patchy/chalky; whereas when you put it on it's so smooth and buttery you're a bit astounded.

I almost feel bad for buying this considering how much of a deal this is. The pictures just speak for themselves. I was able to get the Burning Heart palette of Amy's quick Facebook promo sale.

I also got a 226 brush from MakeupByTiffanyD's blog sale :) I think I'm definitely going to have to go on a no-buy for a long time after all of this.

A clearer picture of the unique traits of this palette.

I'm not sure if you can see it, but there are the tiniest nicks on Love+, Buttercupcake and Flamepoint
All in all, it's an absolute steal. I rather like that Amy did this because although it's obvious money saving for her to sell these, it's excellent for us consumers who want to get a fab bargain. I hope she plans on doing this again because I definitely want to support companies that think this creatively! Honestly, what other companies do this?

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  1. I nabbed one of those Burning Heart monster palettes too, yay! it really was a steal, I'm so glad I was able to take advantage before they sold out.


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