Another Source for Sleek (other than a CP!)

So I was watching Pixiwoo's video about their Sleek Makeup giveaway and they happened to link to another site called also sells some Sleek products. They don't carry all of the Sleek products but they do have most of the palettes and some of the eye dusts and the eye liners.

I honestly haven't gotten any Sleek yet because of the fact that the Sleek Makeup website charges $13.50 for shipping. Now I'm sorry but if the palette I want to get is $11.75 and the shipping is $13.50 it truly isn't worth it in my book.

I have yet to shop there but I'm already cheery about the prices. The Original palette that is being sold for $11.75 on the Sleek Makeup site is $9.44 on Glamr plus shipping to the US depends on how many things you buy but for one item it's only 4.50 pounds meaning $7.00. I'd much rather pay $16.44 than 25.25!

Has anyone shopped at Glamr before? Any good or bad experiences?


  1. This is indeed a great discovery! Thanks :)

  2. A German online stores sells some of their products for the original price as well, but I haven't tried them out yet though I was so crazy about the Circus palette, but the fact that Sleek only accepts credit card, let me stay away from it as I have no credit card, but wow.... their shipping fees are madly high :o

  3. I've always wanted to try out a Sleek palette. Great link and if you do end up buying it please do a mini review for the rest of us. :)

  4. great find! yeah i wanna try sleek too, might ask someone in uk to get for me hehe

    xoxo elle

  5. This is indeed a great discovery! Thanks :)


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