Sugarpill Haul :)

I don't know why I waited so long to get Goldilux, but I made an order a couple of days ago to get a present for someone ( and of course missing out on the Black Friday sale).

I wanted to just wanted to do a small post about how I love Goldilux. How do I love thee, let me count the ways...
I noticed from some of the other Black Friday orders that they have been including free samples :D I got Weekender but I've seen many people getting Junebug. The packaging for the sample is so adorable and I love that the sticker with the ingredients is included!

Do you not love the high heel on the sticker?! <3 the attention to detail Mmmm the glorious gold herself (if boats and cars can be female, why can't eyeshadows be too?)
Maybe it's me but there's just something so sexy about Goldilux. It's like someone took liquid gold and turned it into eyeshadow.
It's a beautiful burnished gold with fine glitter, so pretty that this swatch picture doesn't do it justice.
I rather like how they've been updating their packages over time. My boxes of Darling and Royal Sugar did not have a sticker label like this but the upgrade is greatly appreciated :D I'm a packaging fiend so the amount of detail goes very far with me.

Have you gotten Goldilux yet? You must must must I promise you that.


  1. I love Goldilux, it's such a pretty, true gold shade.

  2. I didn't get it yet.Sadly, I'm still a SugarPill virgin. :( Although I will admit that I've seen hauls by many others and I've always wanted's the perfect gold.

  3. Goldilux is incredible, definitely one of my favs! It's what I'm wearing in my little avatar here haha

  4. I have been stalking the Sugarpill site recently! I really want to get Goldilux and a few other colors! One of these days I will!

  5. Congratulations on becoming a member of the 'Golidlux Clique'. You're now officially in love with Goldilux, the most awesome golden pigment existing!

  6. can't get over the goldilux swatch!
    will try to have one this year!!


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