Extreme Sephora BI Loophole + B&BW freebie

Thanks to NouveauCheap and this post I was able to utilize the Beauty Insiders giftcard (which is supposed to be $15 off of $40) without a minimum order!

*EDIT* This offer only seems to work for Sephora users in the US, Canadians don't have the offer of doing it online :(

PLUS PLUS I used my Ebates (thats a referral link by the way) with it too (which gave me 6% cashback which in reality wasn't that much but it's the thought that counts!)

I ordered this L'Occitane $10 mini hand cream that my sister and mom liked and used my giftcard.

The hand cream in question.
I then got 3 complementary samples AND used a coupon code for a deluxe sample of the Kat Von D eye primer. All in all? It cost me 1.83. Of course that wasn't the only deal I got today.

I also got these two Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers for free! Use this coupon (Tomorrow is the last day) and you can get one of the five different reindeer hand sanitizers. My boyfriend used one coupon and I used the other.
Apple Mint is just that, an apple-y mint. Sweet Mint kind of reminds me of a candy sort of mint.

There's also a Cocoa Mint available and yuck that smelled awful! If you've ever used Lush's Cupcake face mask then you'll know the scent of the Cocoa Mint.


  1. Wow, thanks for letting me in on this!! I'm about to use your Ebates referral link :)

  2. I just used my Sephora card this morning too! I've never tried any L'Occitane products before. You should do a review on it one of these days. :)

  3. *sighs* I so want Bath & Body Works products since June 2009, but they don't ship internationally. Hahaha, I especially wanted to try out their awesome new Christmas flavours, but no chance.


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