Happy Boxing Day!

I'm not even going to attempt going to the mall for sales. I know it would be an absolute madhouse so my sister can do all the shopping.

I've been experimenting with Goldilux and here's one of the looks I did.

Goldilux looks so smooth and yummy, if eyeshadow could ever be considered yummy.

Expect a lot of usage of this gorgeous shadow. I will say that there is fallout from the fine glitter in the shadow but that's easily cleaned up with makeup remover

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sugarpill Goldilux (applied wet)
NYX Champagne and Caviar palette (the dark brown)
NYX Sahara
Wet n Wild Mega Liner in black
L'oreal Voluminous WP in Carbon Black


  1. I knew your were gonna say that 'Expect me to wear that shade more often now'.

  2. @Anna Crystal Haha the color is so addicting; I gave a sample of it to my boyfriend's cousin and she loooooved it!

  3. Who wouldn't? Amy HAS to announce the new colours this week D: Otherwise I gotta die because of curiosity!

  4. @Anna Crystal Oh man I hope she has something coming out soon! I totally had misinterpreted something a blogger said about reviewing her new colors as meaning "she's coming out with MORE new colors soon" I did spy an amazing berry pressed shadow from Enkore Makeup's video ages ago!

  5. Very pretty! Can't wait to see more looks with Goldilux! Maybe you will motivate me to place a Sugarpill order!


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