Zoya Spooooons

There's something about the only Zoya polish I have (Charla) that doesn't respond well to my beloved Seche Vite. I love the color but I'm not about to go out and purchase another top coat for it. Despite this I always find myself ooh-ing and ahh-ing over Zoya's colors so I picked up a couple of the spoons during their Free Spoon Friday or whatever day it was.

My camera decided to be funny so I split up the photos in terms of color accuracy

Left to right is Goldie, LC, Pinta, Mimi, Dita, and Julianne

Everything but the pinks are color accurate.

The purples are not color accurate.

Yeah okay was I the only one up at 7:45 eagerly anticipating the Hautelook sale? I was on the site refreshing until 8:00 and tried to add the Blush brush at 8:01 only to find out it was "on hold" Eh it was overrated anyway; I find myself expecting these amazing items when in the end they're not and I'd have to wait weeks for what I wanted to get.


  1. I like the gold one!
    And it's just too bad for the sale =/

  2. Zoya has so many great colors! However, I only own one of them! LC and Mimi look like beautiful colors! I don't think you were the only one up early for the sale. I wasn't and I guess that was a good thing!

  3. I'm so obsessed with navy and glittering polishes at the moment, I love the 4th one!

  4. @luckiebeauty I love the gold one too, I've been looking for just a straight up gold foil polish!

    @The Peach I'm surprised that I managed to get up that early but I think I'll sleep in next time

    @Kirsty B They definitely are!

    @Anna Crystal The 4th one looks so gorgeous, I have the blue version of that polish from the collection

    @Donna Baby They are super super pretty!


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