Goldilux Redux

Update: Everything from my giveaway is shipped! I apologize for how long it took for everything to get done but with school, the weather (ridiculous rain for California) and the holidays I got really sidetracked. International winners, it will take some time to get to you but for the domestic winners you should get it in a couple of days!

It's also my mummy's 58th birthday today :)

Anyway so you know how I said to expect more looks with Goldilux? Yeah I wasn't lying.

If you didn't get the hint, go buy this nowwww. Again there is some glitter fallout but it's worth it

Kat Von D primer
Sugarpill Goldilux
Milani Flare (This was discontinued a long time ago but MAC Coppering is similar or you can try to find it on the internet!)
NYX Sahara
I got lazy with my eyelashes and eyebrows haha


  1. oh, i love love love. Gold looks great on asians....

  2. I'm a gold lover! So I love this look for sure!

  3. woOoow that gold looks amazing!! :)

  4. @Mara I know I feel like I look bad with silver jewelry and so much better with gold!

    @Luckiebeauty I really love it too!

    @Anna Crystal Thank you :) Sometimes I get lazy about doing a more over the top look haha

    @Lady in a Top Hat Seriously I love this color, I've yet to hear about anyone NOT liking it!

    @Jenny It is the best ever!! It deserves two exclamation points!


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