Taking a studying break

This is just a quick post about a giveaway prize I got from Mara of He Calls Me Mara. Mara is a super frequent commenter and I love how she does her eye makeup so I suggest you read her blog!
I will say that I was super excited about the Stay Don't Stray because I'm being a huge eyeshadow primer junkie. I recently got a sample of Kat von D's eyeshadow primer plus I'm working through my UDPP and NYX Eyeshadow bases AND I asked for Concrete Minerals' eyeshadow primer for Christmas

I know I know, I only have two eyes but damn it I'm hooked. The pink plastic things on the left are the coolest ever! They're these pieces of velcro that you use to keep your bangs out of the way. Genius!


  1. Great prize! I'm going to have to go check out Mara's blog and see what she is up to!

  2. I'm glad you recieved the package and that it came in once piece. :) I'm in love with the velcro hair holder. Such a great idea made from almost nothing.

  3. OHH congrats on winning the prize! <3

  4. omg the mini jar is way too cute <3! i've seen the hair thingy everywhere lol must try myself after hearing so many things about it!

  5. congrats on winning! with a number of choices already, i wonder what your top primer is as of the moment..

  6. @The Peach I adore her FOTDs, I only wish I could apply my blush like she does

    @Mara The velcro thing is like my staple now, it makes it so much easier to wash my face

    @Donna Baby Thanks :)

    @Jennifer It is so useful and it's something to simple

    @Snow0016 I think for convenience, it's Kat Von D but I'm going to do a huge comparison post later of the primers I have now


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