Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

Another part of my prize pack from Utopista's giveaway were some Dawn Eyes Cosmetics samples. I got five eyeshadow samples, Georgia Peach, Holographic White, Metallic Teal, Naughty Girl, and Purple Forest. Each sample contains 1/8 tsp of product and has a sticker with the name on it. The samples retail for $1 each and shipping is free for all orders on the site for a limited amount of time. The full sizes are in a 5 gram sifter jar with 1.2-1.5 grams of product.

There aren't individual listings, just groups based off of color so I'll link to the color group the eyeshadows are in and you can just scroll down to find the specific shadow.

Georgia Peach, Holographic White, Metallic Teal, Naughty Girl, Purple Forest


Swatched over ELF Mineral Eye Primer.

From left to right: Georgia Peach, Holographic White, Metallic Teal, Naughty Girl, Purple Forest

Daylight picture. The picture quality isn't the best but it's the most accurate picture of Metallic Teal.


Direct Sunlight Pictures. I apologize for Metallic Teal, like I said it's more accurate in the daylight picture. I hope you can see the green and purple flash present in Purple Forest and the green flash is more present in this picture. Although it doesn't seem like it, there is a holographic sparkle to Holographic White.


You can really see the purple flash in Purple Forest in this picture.


Here's a picture where you can really see the holographic sparkle of Holographic White


Georgia Peach: It's a described as a satin peach with copper and green sparks. My favorite eyeshadow out of the bunch.

Holographic White: It's described as a silvery white with holographic glitter. I think it's more silver than white and indeed there is a holographic sparkle, even in daylight. For best results in daylight though, I'd apply this over a glitter fixative and if you really wanted to see a holographic sparkle, go outside in direct sunlight. It has a slightly gritty texture because of the glitter.

Metallic Teal: It's described as a bright satiny metallic glitter, no glitter. There's actually a green sheen to it around the edges of the eyeshadow but my camera couldn't pick that up. I kept getting bald spots when I was applying it on my eyes.

Naughty Girl: It's described as a black based deep plum satin with copper undertones with a hint of purple and sparks of pink and purple. The listing picture is definitely misleading in my opinion. This is way more satiny than shimmery. It is basically a near black eyeshadow with purple and pink sparks but it can be difficult to get the sparks to show up, even over a glitter fixative.

Purple Forest: This is described as a color shifting shadow ranging from a deep rich purple, through charcoal grey, then to a rich deep green packed with gold and purple sparkle. You can see the color shift between the two direct sunlight pictures. Required a lot of packing on, didn't have that great of adhesion or pigmentation. Definitely better swatched than applied on.

I don't really like the website, especially the search bar. I was using it to look for the listing of "Georgia Peach" and the first couple of results were of the raw image files of the eyeshadow and the actual listing was the sixth result down the list. "Holographic White was the fourth result, "Naughty Girl" was the fifth, "Metallic Teal" was the odd one out because it was the first result but "Purple Forest" was the worst one to find. The result for it wasn't even on the first page, it was the 2nd result on the second page. It shouldn't be this difficult to find the eyeshadow listing right?

I don't like the way they have the raw images files on the site, especially since it clogs up their search results. I personally don't find it necessary to have that many pictures although others might because it shows off the sparkles. Since there are so many pictures of swatches of the eyeshadows, I'd prefer a slideshow versus all the links to the swatches.

The layout of the site could use some work. There's too many font changes and I'd like to see the options in a sidebar as opposed to the top bar, individual listings, and an improved search bar. They're still in the process of finishing the ingredient lists for individual eyeshadows.

Website annoyances aside, everything I got was okay. I really liked Georgia Peach and Holographic White; I had problems with the rest of the shades I got so I don't know if I'll buy again, unless I see other swatches of the colors.


  1. I really like purple frost and naughty girl. I have been in to darker colours lately.

  2. I love the colours.. they look great.. but are that that pigmented without the primer? :O Ahh, i dislike sites that are "half done up" .. It's hard to do any searching with those and usually just pisses me off so much that I dont want to buy it from them XD

  3. Wow, i loving the holographic white(: i never seen these before.. they do look impressive and pigmented!

    CMPang x


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