Anastasia Kisses on My List Vol. 2 Swatches, Review, and Photos

With the number of lip product-oriented reviews coming from me, I think it's fairly obvious what my most recent obsession is. Have I complained enough about how school is early and therefore not conducive to makeupping? Either way, lipglosses and lipsticks are an easier way for me to wear makeup with minimal effort. 

I was sent these lip glosses from the lovely Anastasia and couldn't wait to dive in. This is part of Anastasia's Fall 2012 Holiday Collection. The theme of the overall Holiday Collection is all about the 70's and though I was nonexistent during that time, I love the golden touches to the black packaging.


Product Description: "Clinically tested gloss proven to help maximize and maintain lip hydration and fulness. Paddle applicator smooths product across lips. Drench your lips with multi-dimensional pigments that release high shine and color that stays put without the sticky residue. Rich and fortifying formula nourishes your lips with the added benefits of Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, and our exclusive Balkan Botanical Infusion."

From Sephora: "Hypercolor reacts with your skin's chemistry to stain your lips a custom hue that is all your own"

Set Description: " A set of six high-shine glosses in matte and shimmer shades that wear all-day. Shades are Jolene, Lola, Maggie May, Roxanne, Sharona, and Moi. Three softly sheer, opalescent glosses and three new HYPERCOLOR GLOSSES that actually stain your lips. Long-wearing hydrating gloss. Silicone applicator delivers the perfect amount of color"

Packaging: Round clear tube with a silver cap and silicone paddle applicator. I'll talk a little more about the applicator in conjunction with the formula.

Price: $34.00 for six full size .07 oz glosses. One gloss retails for $18 so for less than the price of two glosses, you get six glosses and the entire set retails for $108.00.

Where to purchase: Sephora*, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Cruelty Free? They are cruelty free.

I've got so many photos, it's necessary to put it all under a "Read More" cut. I have closeup photos of the glosses, lip swatches of the glosses (including time lapse pictures for the Hypercolor glosses to show the color the gloss transforms on my lips), and my review!

From left to right: Moi, Maggie May, Sharona, Lola, Jolene, and Roxanne. 



My Thoughts on the Formula/Wear Time: 

The Hydrafull glosses are Maggie May, Moi, and Sharona and the Hypercolor glosses are Jolene, Lola, and Roxanne. I didn't know which ones were the Hypercolor glosses until I opened up the glosses themselves because all the Hypercolor glosses have a bright pink paddle (stained from the gloss itself). I do wish they labelled the Hypercolor glosses on the packaging.

The gloss formula itself is quite sticky, with the Hydrafull glosses just a little stickier than the Hypercolor glosses. I think they might have been the slightest bit less sticky than MAC lipglasses.

The lipglosses don't come with a typical doefoot or brush applicator but with a silicone paddle applicator. This did take a little getting used to since the paddle itself isn't very flexible but I learned that the best way to use it is to treat it like a regular doefoot. When I tried to go slow and precise using the paddle flat on my lip (smoothing on the gloss), it tended to drag amd made application much slower than it needed to be. Holding it vertically and using it like a doefoot made it much much easier.

The two cream Hydrafull colors, Maggie May and Moi were more finicky to apply since the cream finish showed off any unevenness in application. When it comes to wear time, the sticky formula meant best wear time was about four to five hours.

Time for swatches! As always, swatches done in natural daylight.

First up, the three Hyperfull Glosses

Maggie May

Anastasia Maggie May Swatch

Maggie May: A very light pink-tinged nude. This was a little harder to apply evenly because of the milky cream finish. For a smoky eye, this would be the perfect compliment. 


Anastasia MoiSwatch

Moi: A lovely medium pink, a "my lips but better" color. While still possessing a milky cream finish, it's not as evident as Maggie May and an easier color to pull off because it's not so light.  You still have to be finicky about application to ensure evenness on the lips.


Sharona: An orange-toned shimmery pink. Easily my favorite of the three Hydrafull glosses because the shimmery finish of the gloss makes any imperfections in application less apparent. This is perfect for something pinkish but not too pink.

Next up are the Hypercolor glosses. Since the Hypercolor glosses color change after a few minutes, I decided to show the swatch when they were first applied to my lips and then after a few minutes to show the color change. Most of the "color change" actually comes from the gloss staining your lips, providing a backdrop for the gloss to shine through. The glosses are relatively sheer otherwise.



Jolene: A bubblegum pink tinged with lilac with blue pearl. After it's been on my lips, it turns into a much deeper pink.

A side by side of the gloss when freshly applied and after seven minutes. 

Anastasia Jolene Comparison

Here's a comparison of my lips before and after I wore Jolene so you can see how stained my lips were.

staining before and after with line


Anastasia Lola Swatch

Lola: A bright pink that applies quite sheer on the lips. Lola doesn't stain your lips as much as  Jolene did so it appears much lighter than Jolene, even though Lola looks much darker. 

A side by side so you can see the color change

Anastasia Lola Swatch Comparison

Here's a comparison of my lips before and after I wore Lola so you can see how stained my lips were.

Anastasia Lola Staining


Anastasia Roxanne Swatch

Roxanne: A deeper pink with gold sparkle, after the color change it turns much more lilac.

A side by side so you can see the color change

Anastasia Roxanne Swatch Comparison

Here's how my lips were stained afterwards

Anastasia Roxanne Staining

I think this set is perfect for someone who wants to try out the Hydrafull gloss formula while still getting a hell of a value out of it. For less than the price of two Hydrafull glosses, you get six! If you're not a fan of sticky glosses though, stay away. The applicator itself is really different, I think I'd prefer a thinner gloss formula with the spatula but it still works with the sticky formula.

Have you tried out the Hydrafull glosses before? Any thoughts?

Disclaimer: I received these products for review from the brand. All opinions are my own and not influenced by the fact that I received them for review. I was not compensated for the review. The link marked with a * is an affiliate link which gives me a commission based off your use of the link. Feel free to use a nonaffiliate link for your purchase!


  1. I wish these weren't sticky, because I think all of the colors are really pretty. I like Roxanne in particular :)

  2. Really, really pretty colors!


  3. These are gorgeous! Especially loving Jolene!


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