Small Business Saturday: Support Small Businesses!


This Saturday, the 24th, is the third annual Small Business Saturday. In the time before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I think it's important to consider Small Business Saturday. I know many people already know about Small Business Saturday but even I needed a reminder. Small Business Saturday was founded in 2010 by American Express and seeks to provides support to small businesses by generating awareness and action around shopping local for the entire day.

This video is a great reminder that we need to support small businesses. This honestly made me think about the last time I purchased from a small business (online, it was a few days ago and in person, a week ago).

If you want to learn where to shop, and how you can support local businesses in your area, visit

I think it's also important to consider that small businesses extend beyond our local businesses. Many online businesses are small businesses that would greatly appreciate your support during Small Business Saturday (they may even have their own Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promotions!). 

If you want me to, I can write up a compilation post of my favorite indie shops hosting a Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion but Phyrra already has this great one here!

I hope you partake in Small Business Saturday, I know I'll try my hardest to!

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