Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison: Swatches, Review, and Photos

When I did my poll on what you guys as readers wanted to see more of from my blog, a lot of you answered that you wanted to see more indie brands featured here. Well ask and thoust shall receive. I know I've been scattering in a few posts on higher end cosmetics brands so here's a brief reprieve with the Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poisons. I meant to post this ages ago but I kept being a perfectionist about the lip swatches so I redid them about three to four times.


A little while ago, I was sent a few products from Venomous Cosmetics. Although I had never tried them before, I had heard a lot of great things about them from Phyrra, especially their pressed eyeshadows (quite the rarity for indie companies!). 

Venomous Cosmetics, like their name implies, themes their main collection after creatures like spiders, snakes, etc that are venomous to us. In addition to their main collection, they offer mini collections that are themed a less dangerously like "Go for the Gold" collection after the Olympics, or "I Want Candy" after candy. Today I have their lip glosses,  aptly named Lip Poisons to swatch and review and my post (or posts) on their loose and pressed shadows 

Where to purchase: Venomous Cosmetics

Price: The full size is $6.00 for 7.8 mL. They also do sets of mini lip poisons and the mini lip poisons have about 3.5 mL of product. 

Cruelty Free? They are cruelty free. The lip poisons that are vegan are noted on the website with a "V"

Packaging: The full size glosses come in a clear tube with a silver cap and a doe foot applicator. The mini size comes in a smaller version of the full size tube.

Product Description: "Hydrating Lipgloss

My Thoughts on the Formula/Wear Time:

The formula is slightly sticky but thin enough that it glides on without any drag. After three hours, most of the gloss had worn off but there was residual tackiness and nearly all the sparkles left. It was completely gone after four hours. The lip poisons were moisturizing on my lips, after the gloss had worn out my lips were left feeling super soft. It also has a slight minty scent.

The two cream shades, Bubblegum Blast and Sugar Daddy's Girl did show the brushstrokes (well, the doefoot strokes) from the applicator so it requires a little more work to get an even finish. Goldfinger and French Burnt Peanuts have a clear base packed with tons of sparkle so they are more on the sheerer side.

First off, here's a hand swatch of all the colors then individual swatches under each product photo. All swatches taken in daylight.

From left to right: Bubblegum Blast, French Burnt Peanuts, Gold Digger, and Sugar Daddy's Girl. Bubblegum Blast and French Burnt Peanuts are sold together in a set, Gold Digger is sold in another set, and Sugar Daddy's Girl is sold in a separate set too.


Bubblegum Blast


Venomous Cosmetics Bubblegum Blast Lip Swatch

Bubblegum Blast: A light creamy bubblegum pink. This is a color you have to work with to get even on your lips and I think with my warm toned skin tone it's not a good match. It clashes with mine but I think will look nice on other skin tones.


Venomous Cosmetics French Burnt Peanuts Lip Swatch

French Burnt Peanuts: A duochrome pink with gold highlights. If you're familiar with MAC's Rose pigment, this is pretty much that in a clear base. The pink in the gloss doesn't add much color but combined with the gold sparkle, it adds a lot of warmth to your lips. My favorite of the set.


Venomous Cosmetics Gold Digger Lip Swatch

Gold Digger: A clear gloss filled with gold sparkle. Though the gold is most predominant, I did notice some green sparkle in the gloss too. I really liked wearing this on top of red lipstick to add some dimension to it.



Sugar Daddy's Girl: A caramel nude with gold sheen. My swatch of this could be much better but it does highlight that you have to be careful about brushstrokes from the doefoot applicator. I think it's a good nude for someone that doesn't want something too overly pink. 

Would I purchase?

Though I featured more "wearable" colors, the fact that she offers some more unconventional colors is enough for me to consider buying more. You get quite a bit for $6.00 (for comparison's sake, MAC lipglasses have about 4.8 mL and you get 7.2 mL with the Lip Poisons) and they do offer mini sets.

Unfortunately though, I think it's worth noting that the website leaves a lot to be desired. I think that would be the biggest deterrent for purchasing since there are pictures that aren't showing up and some of the "Add to cart" buttons aren't showing up either. Previously, there were color descriptions to the website but they aren't up yet (though they will be in the future). I do know that Venomous Cosmetics is basically a one woman show so I am giving her some leeway but I think the website issues are worth noting.    
 The website has been updated and color descriptions along with the pictures are up!

Have you tried Venomous Cosmetics before? If you have, what products do you like?

(PS, I didn't put everything under a "Read more" cut so I wanted to ask if you prefer I go back to not using one or do you prefer having it?

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for writing my review. The link in this post to their website is not an affiliate link!


  1. I don't mind clicking "cuts" for full posts but I think I prefer no cut.

    Btw, your lips are in such good condition! Have you ever done a lip care post?

    1. I haven't before actually though my lip care mainly consists of petroleum based balms, mainly Aquaphor and Homeoplasmine (a French version of petroleum jelly with extracts)

  2. I think French Burnt Peanut is really pretty! Oh, & I don't really like cuts, but if a blogger does use them - it won't stop me from reading.

  3. Ooh, I really like Sugar Daddy's Girl (even though the name kind of icks me out) -- I have a lot of trouble with finding nudes that would work on my skin tone, and yours is pretty close to mine, so I'll have to check it out. I agree with you about the website, though -- I've never ordered from VC before specifically because of how annoying it is to use.

  4. I love the lip poisons :) Glad to see you feature them!

  5. I've purchased three lip poisons and a few eyeshadows from Venomous Cosmetics. I haven't used them yet but be trying the lip poisons soon. The moisturising quality will make them perfect for winter use.

    I'm planning an upcoming purchase from them since the Black Friday collection and the anniversary colour look wonderful.


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