New Launch from Inglot: Double Sparkle Rainbow Eyeshadows

Here's another press release on a new release from Inglot!
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INGLOT Cosmetics launches Double Sparkle Rainbow Eye Shadows - an extension of shadows for Freedom System. The Double Sparkle Eyeshadow will be available in 10 different shades and proides the coverage of matte but leaves an element of bling to your eyes. Each colour boasts three shades in one, which can be blended together or applied separately giving you a limitless variety of colour options! The frosty and pearl finishes can accentuate textual differences on the skin, and the double sparkle leaves intense colour saturation and reflective particles that won't accentuate the fine lines of mature skin.

Currently I own two double sparkle eyeshadows and I really like the matte with bright sparkle finish they have. If you want to have the sparkle shine though, pat the eyeshadows on and if you want to apply it more matte without the sparkle, sweep the eyeshadow on.

These Double Sparkle Rainbow Eyeshadows will go on sale in stores and online on November 17th at and the Inglot stores in NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, Newport Beach, New Jersey and select Macy's. These will retail for $8.00 like the other Rainbow Eyeshadows. The current matte Rainbow Eyeshadows have about 2.5 grams of product in them so I think these will have a similar amount. I think these will be a nice contrast to the current all matte Rainbow Eyeshadows.

The first picture has the website product pictures with the corresponding numbers and the second picture has more true to life images of the eyeshadows. I really like the look of 128R and 130R, especially the darkest color in 130R. Oh and if you're curious, the compact that the orange 123R is pictured in retails for $6.00 if you wanted to pick it up.

Any thoughts on these new Double Sparkle Rainbow Eyeshadows?


  1. I saw a preview of these on instagram a few days ago. I only have their matte shades so I would love to try some of these. I think I would pick 127R since I have been loving blues lately :)

  2. Yay I love the DS shades! 129R looks awesome.


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