Venomous Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow: Swatches and Review

I think I've been a little too obsessed recently with lip products so to give you a bit of a reprieve, here's a review and swatches of a few Venomous Cosmetics loose eyeshadows. If you missed it, you can check out my post on their Lip Poisons here (though I don't see the colors on the website anymore). I want to take the time to mention that most of the website issues have been worked out and the nearly all the product pictures, color descriptions, and Add to Cart buttons are up and working. If the page isn't loading for you, refreshing usually helps it load.

I also wanted to say that until tomorrow November 16th, there is a 30% sale off the main collection products (so the main collection pressed eyeshadows, loose eyeshadows, and lip poisons) so if you see anything you like, grab ahold of it!

She has a few new collections up so be sure to check out the Venomous Cosmetics Facebook to see swatches!

Venomous Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadows

Where to purchase: Venomous Cosmetics

Price: Samples are 1/4 tsp for $1.00 and full sizes are a 5 gram jar for $6.50. 

Cruelty Free? They are cruelty-free.

Packaging: Samples are packaged in a plastic ziploc bag and full sizes are packaged in a 5 gram jar with a sifter.

Product Description: "Loose powder in a variety of finishes "

My Thoughts on the Formula/Wear Time:

In general, I liked the eyeshadows. For the most part, applied evenly and I had good adhesion on the eyelids. I got some fallout from the eyeshadows (tis the nature of loose eyeshadows) but I noticed that the blues were especially prone to having a lot so you may want to use a sticky primer or glitter adhesive for it. I did think the blues in general weren't as pigmented or opaque as the rest of the colors. Definitely be sure to tap your brush and pat the eyeshadow on to prevent fallout. 

Swatches ahead. All swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and pictures taken in natural daylight.

Blue-Ringed Octopus:

Venomous Cosmetics Blue-Ringed Octopus

Blue-Ringed Octopus: "Intense blue satin" Bold medium blue. This swatched beautifully but I thought it was a little more finicky on the eyelid, it was more sheer and more prone to fallout. I would say definitely pat this one on but I wouldn't say this is a must-have color, there are similar ones with better application.


Venomous Cosmetics Boomslang

Boomslang: "Vibrant, deep sea green" A bright marine teal green. This was definitely one of my favorite colors from the bunch and applied well on my lid without too much fallout.

Coral Snake:

Venomous Cosmetics Coral Snake

Coral Snake: "Medium coral pink". It was super smooth on, the pink sparkle shines through the coral base so well. This shade didn't give me any trouble.

Faraway Galaxy:

Venomous Cosmetics Faraway Galaxy

Faraway Galaxy: "Lavender with purple sparks" Red based lavender with blue sparks. This was patchy, difficult to apply as light purples tend to be. Definitely didn't like and a color I would skip.

Greenbottle Blue:

Venomous Cosmetics Greenbottle Blue

Greenbottle blue: "Green based blue with sparks". Royal blue with a slight green sheen. This swatched beautifully but it does need packing onto the lid. Unlike Blue-Ringed Octopus, I think this color is so pretty with its blue base and green sheen that I'm willing to work with it. 

L.A Smog:

Venomous Cosmetics L.A Smog

L.A Smog: Smoky lavender grey with a blue sheen. On your eyes, the blue sheen is much more prevalent than in the swatch. I think this would be perfect to smoke out a smoky eye.

Man O' War:

Venomous Cosmetics Man O' War

Man O' War: "Purple based blue satin" Cornflower blue, this was asier to apply than the other two blues but still a little sheer.

Monster Under Your Bed

Venomous Cosmetics Monster Under Your Bed

Monster Under Your Bed: "Blackened green shimmer" Dark black velvet with green sparkle.  I know it's not a unique color but I absolutely loved the color on my eyelid. It wasn't chalky and looked really velvety and plush on the lids. This is a part of the Legendary Collection.


Venomous Cosmetics Pinktoe

Pinktoe: "Light pink satin". A little more dusty than the other ones. It was pretty but the dustiness/powderyness made it more difficult to work and it was pretty sheer.


Venomous Cosmetics Suntiger

Suntiger: "Medium orange satin" I loved this color, it reminds me of the drink Sunny-D which I drank bottles of when I was younger. Applied great on the lid.

Vegas Casino:

Venomous Cosmetics Vegas Casino

Vegas Casino: "Burgundy with purple glitter" Rich deep burgundy/raspberry with pink glitter and a copper undertone. Of all the eyeshadows, I think this one applied the best. This is a quintissential fall color and my other favorite of the set. This is part of the Well-Travelled Collection

Would I purchase more?

I would definitely sample more of the colors (I'm skittish that way), especially now that the website has been fixed and it's become much easier to navigate. Green Mamba and Across the Universe are calling my name!
Have you purchased any Venomous Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadows before? Are there any from the set that you like?

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for writing my review. The link in this post to their website is not an affiliate link!


  1. LA Smog looks really pretty! I like the shimmer in it ;-)

  2. Love her stuff.. but have you tried her lip poisons? The colors are always amazing.. She is a sweetheart as well. I love the blue and greens I have from her but I always use NYX HD primer which is a little sticky and it works perfectly.. I LOVE eyelash viper.. bright yellow.. greenbottle also and green mamba is awesome!

  3. I've never tried Venomous Cosmetics but Vegas Casino looks gorgeous and I want it!

  4. I need Blue-Ringed Octopus!! I've been looking for a color like that!

  5. All of these look really pretty, I especially like LA Smog!


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