Venomous Cosmetics Black Friday Sale and Collection

First off, I hope you've had a great Thanksgiving! I had a fabulous traditional Thanksgiving lunch at my boyfriend's place and am waiting for a very nontraditional Vietnamese/French fusion dinner at my house.

Anyway, Venomous Cosmetics will be having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale! Starting Friday 11/23 until Tues. 11/27, all full size shadows (pressed and loose I believe) and Lip Poisons are $4.50. The eyeshadows usually retail for $6.50 and the Lip Poisons for $6.00 so you're getting a pretty good discount (30% on the eyeshadows and 25% on the Lip Poisons) on each. 

If you haven't seen my reviews yet, check out this one on their Lip Poisons and this one on their Loose Eyeshadows.

They have a new Black Friday Collection up and will also be adding a new Cosmic Continuation Collection soon. If you want to check out swatches of these two collections, check out their Facebook page!

Venomous Cosmetics Black Friday Collection Eyeshadows

Venomous Cosmetics Black Friday Collection Lip Poisons

Venomous Cosmetics Black Friday Collection Pressed Blush

I made a small order a few days ago with one of the Black Friday Collection eyeshadows but I'm not sure if I'll get it in time before the sale ends to do a post. Are you thinking about getting anything?

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