Silk Naturals Holiday 2012, Last Chance Products, and Discount Code

Silk Naturals has released their Holiday 2012 Collection with many many different products for sale. There's also a coupon code (gobble12) for 6% off for their sixth anniversary, available for use until December 20th!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but one of the reasons why I like Silk Naturals so much is because they challenge the assumption that anything organic and/or vegan must be synonymous with expensive. You can see that it is easily not the case when lip products retail for under $5 with many being vegan and organic and the eyeshadows are $4.00 and many are vegan. It makes it very easy for someone on a budget to indulge their cosmetics loving soul without hurting their wallets.

I compiled the different products, their prices, and made all the pictures clickable to the product listings. None of the links are affiliate links! Happy shopping!

silk naturals holiday 2012

There is one new eyeshadow formula and a new product type available in the Eyes section. The Prism formula is new, and is said to be "100% pure pigments that look like a certain color in the jar, but come alive with bold interference effects- like looking at a crystal or prism.  To get the full effect wear them over a primer.

They are also offering something called an eye shadow mattifier that "tones down colors...takes away some of the sparkle, lightens them ever so slightly, and adds just a touch of neutral". I think this is really new and something I haven't seen yet from any brand so I am curious to see how it works! 

The eyeshadows and mattifier retail for $4.00. The trio is $8.99. All the eyeshadows are vegan.

Silk Naturals Holiday 2012 Eyes

Some of their Holiday lip products include additions to the Amplifying Lip Glaze Line, Black Label, and Kisser Slickers. They also have two new lip palettes which includes a mini collection of one Amplifying Lip Glaze and four Kisser Slickers. I'm not sure how much product is in each palette but for $11.99, it's a great way to try out both bright red/pinks and nudes/browns. The ALGs are $4.50, the Black Label is $4.95, and then Kisser Slickers are $4.50. Believer, Bustle, and Hustle are vegan, the other four listed are not.

Silk Naturals Holiday 2012 Lips

There are more additions to their skincare, a few body butters, a calendula salve, cuticle balm (though I could have sworn that was there before), and a lotion bar! The calendula slave is $6.95, the body butters are $4.99, the cuticle balm is $4.75, and the after bath lotion bar is $9.95. The body butters are vegan but the rest are not.

Silk Naturals Holiday 2012 Bath and Body

There's a new set of skincare targeted towards men called "Stark & Son" (is it sad that I immediately thought of Iron Man and Howard and Tony Stark? The Stark btw refers to the owner of Silk Naturals!). I think some of the lip balm products are interesting (the matte finish is probably for people who don't want a particularly shiny lip balm), especially that caffeinated lip balm!

The Aftershave retails for $1.25 for a sample and $11.95 for a 4 oz bottle. The matte lip balms retail for $3.95. The aftershave is vegan, the lip balms are not.

Silk Naturals Stark & Son

Something new to their lip balms are the Lip Click Balm Tins and a few Organic Lip Balms. I think the labels for the Lip Clicks are so cute, it's so vintage and reminds me of the old time pharmacies. The Lip Click Balm Tins retail for $4.50 and the balms retail for $3.75. The balms are not vegan.

Silk Naturals Holiday 2012 Lip Balm

The last new Holiday item is their Botanical Hydration Serum, meant for parched Winter skin. A 5 mL sample retails for $.99 and the 1 oz bottle is $8.99. This is vegan.

silk naturals botanical hydration serum

Lastly, it looks like both the Kissable Creams and the Butter Creams lip products/formula are going to be discontinued as these were in the "Last Chance" section. Be sure to get them while you can! The return policy does not apply for these Last Chance products. The Kissable Creams are now $3.40 each and the Butter Creams are $3.15. 

Silk Naturals last chance goodies

Lots of new things coming out, are you thinking about getting anything?


  1. ALL of those shadows look great, and Twirl really stands out for the lips.

    1. I'd love to see what Twirl looks like on you! I am still kind of wishy washy about whether Joy (the darker version of Twirl) looks good on me

  2. Oh my gosh! A Silk Naturals discount code?? I can't pass that up, I've had a massive wish list on there forever.

    1. I know right? They have a gumball up too with a cream shadow so it's really really tempting


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