Wet n Wild Mini Haul/Teal of Fortune Comparison

*Edited with a better picture*

I've basically been stalking Nouveau Cheap for updates on the new Wet n Wild products and so I scoped out my Walgreens for the new goods
I got the Mega-Length waterproof mascara, Coloricon in Purple/Violet (I think it's the same one that was included in the Sugar Plum Fairy Eye Kit :D!) and a Fastdry Nail Color in Teal of Fortune.

I didn't want to have such a short post so I tried to see how similar Teal of Fortune was to Zoya Charla (the similarity was the reason why I got it). ToF is less pigmented than Charla but only by a smidgen. This was $1.99.

Here's a flash picture, the difference here is a little more obvious. Teal of Fortune has that same base color but Charla has a green interference/duochrome that ToF doesn't have.
It's very prominent here, this was with no flash.
And some nail swatches. Index and Ring have Charla on them, Middle and Pinky have Teal of Fortune
This was taken without flash with natural lighting.

I don't own many Zoya polishes because the formula doesn't agree with Seche Vite. SV causes Charla to shrink back from my nail which is kind of bothersome. I did notice some shrinkage on the thumb (where I also put Teal of Fortune) but none on my middle and pinky finger.

They're VERY close, not an exact dupe because Teal of Fortune does not have that bright green duochrome. My verdict is that if you don't have access to the OPI, Zoya, or ORLY polishes this is a good substitute!


  1. Yay for finding the new WnW products! I've been stalking Nouveau Cheap too! :) Those polishes look so close! I think Teal of Fortune is definitely a dupe for the Zoya polish!

  2. They look so similar to me. I can't even see the difference except in that one pictures w/ flash. I hope you've been well Mai. Take care. :)

  3. Do you know about the Zoya campaign? Get 3 free polishes with fb2011, these will be my first Zoya polishes ever, I didn't know the brand before and the shades you chose look so cool. I considered getting Carla, too, but I already had 3 shades in my cart. You did a very flawless manicure and it's so glittery, me likey!

  4. @The Peach I've been checking her blog multiple times a day!

    @Mara They are very similar and if it wasn't for that green duochrome flash then I'd say it's dead on!

    @Anna Crystal Haha everyone can't get enough of it! I get such bad shrinkage with Seche Vite that I just don't bother with any other Zoya polishes.

  5. They look almost the same! I love sparkly colors.

  6. They are both really similar and gorgeous. Good to know there is a cheaper alternative.

  7. Thanks so much for this post!!! I commented with your link over on Nouveau Cheap's WnW post!

  8. Thanks so much for this post!!! I commented with your link over on Nouveau Cheap's WnW post!


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