Argh Inglot Price Increase

I just want to thank Vanessa at NessasaryMakeup for posting about this on twitter, I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.

Turns out Inglot has changed it so you can purchase the Freedom system products separately. My local Inglot posted on their Facebook on the 11th that you can purchase the pans and palettes and said to call the store to inquire about the price increase. As far as I can tell, the Inglot Cosmetics USA Facebook did not make an official statement about it until today.

You can see the prices on the Inglot USA website.

Most prominently, the Freedom System 10 Pan Square Palettes are $10 individually and the Square eye shadow pans are $5. If you wanted to fill a 10 pan palette it'd be $60 as opposed to $50 before. I know in the grand scheme of things they're still extremely cheap but I am a little miffed that they described the price different as "slight". 20% in my opinion is not slight.

I've also noticed that the round eye shadow pans are gone from the site. I'm a little annoyed because I would have liked to see an official statement about that, as opposed to hearing it from other bloggers.

I understand that a lot of us did want to be able to purchase the pans separately, but it's still annoying that they raised the prices for the palette. This isn't going to necessarily prevent me from buying from them (in fact I may be checking out their rainbow pans today before I go to work) but it certainly is annoying.

Do you have any thoughts?


  1. I noticed the change a few days ago as well when I was putting a wishlist together.  I ordered from them in May so I already knew how much it would be... or I thought I did until I reached the last page to screenprint and saw that it was like $20 more, not including shipping.  Bummer!  ITA, 20% is 1/5th of the price.

  2. I know MAC is notorious for price increases every year but I just thought that Inglot would be better than that, or at least better at informing the customers instead of just doing it without much of an official warning.

  3. Wow, 20% is a big difference!!!! How can they say that's little?

  4.  I love Inglot but I've never actually bought any myself, just recieved some products as gifts or prizes, but apparently Inglot had a 65% price increase in the UK earlier this year. 65% -____-

  5. yeah and their announcement was a little bit annoying, saying "Smile..You gotta love Inglot!"

  6. oh man I thought it was just 50% but wow that's horrible. It makes me think they're just being greedy because of how popular it's been


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