MAC Bloggers Obsessions Swatches

I just reached 200+ followers :) Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on my posts! I've set a goal for myself to blog every day this month. I'm not sure how well that'll go when I start my temp job but we shall see! I imagine that I'll feature lots of NOTD what with my old job.

Anyway, I've been a big fan of Temptalia for a long time, ever since the Livejournal days and when I heard about the Blogger's Obsession collection I knew I had to buy whatever color she helped to produce.

I went back and forth about the lipglasses and had the boyfriend make the final decision on Nitro:licious 2046. Nitro:licious 2046 isn't necessarily a unique color but damn it all I wanted it and it looked good. I did swatches of Jealousy Wakes and Nitro:licious 2046

Jealousy Wakes and Nitro:licious 2046

mac and milani 005

Jealousy Wakes

This is looking a little pinky on my screen but it is a true red.

Nitro:licious 2046

I do wonder how Nitro:licious compares to Russian Red but I don't own it so I might just go to a store and try it on to see.

Here are my bare lips

Bare lips

Nitro:licous 2046

mac bloggers obsession 002

Will you guys be picking anything up from the MAC Bloggers Obsessions collection once it gets restocked?


  1. Gorgeous picks; I too purchased JW but that's it.  And wow, what an opaque lipglass.

  2. I wanted a lipgloss but skipped out on it. I love Temptalia too, she is so deicated to us readers.

  3. I REALLY like the lip gloss!! :) If the eyeshadows go back on sale, I'm def picking up Jealousy Wakes. You should see the crazy prices on eBay right now :p

  4. I picked up several things, but Jealousy Wakes was sold out :( However, I <3 Hocus Pocus :)

  5. It's a nice color, I imagine I can easily dupe it but I just had to have it!

  6. She was one of the first beauty bloggers I ever read so it's nice to see the fruits of her labor!

  7. I feel bad for the people buying JW when it's coming back in stock soon, also for the people who bought it just to resell it

  8. Man everyone was talking bad on Hocus Pocus but I'm kind of almost regretting not getting it

  9. Lovely picks, Mai~ I haven't been to a MAC lately but...all these posts from their Bloggers Obsession line makes me want to sooner than later~! 

  10. Ohhh I love Jealousy Wakes and Nitorlicious looks amazing on you! I wish we were going to get this in the UK :(

  11. Hopefully you can find someone to CP them for you! They are very gorgeous colors


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