Darling Girl Cosmetics Swatches and Impressions

Today I've got swatches and impressions of some Darling Girl Cosmetics samples. I think I first heard about Darling Girl from Just Peachy. I didn't think much of the brand until my twitter feed blew up with lots of tweets about them and they came out with Holo Glosses and had a Blogger set and so I pretty much had to try them.

They have this nice policy where if you spend $10 before shipping, you get a Gift with Purchase Petit (1 gram) jar of product. The item changes every week or so and is usually limited edition.

I ordered a Bloggers set which consisted of your choice of four eye shadows or loose blushes and one lip product. I also ordered a sample of their salmon corrector. I'm going to talk about the Salmon color corrector in another post because I'm still trying it out.

The eyeshadows are available in two sizes, petit which has 1/4 tsp of product for $2.25 or a full size which has 3/4 tsp of product for $5.50.

I got the shades Babylon, Cozy Nights, Deery Lou, Falling Leaves, Oracle (unfortunately it's discontinued, sorry!), and Palm Springs.

darling girl and high voltage 005

As you can see, Susan (the owner) makes a lot of effort into packaging everything. The pink box at the bottom held the four eye shadow samples and holo gloss sample which came in a clamshell. My sample of the salmon corrector, also in a clamshell came in that zebra paper bag. Along with everything I got that postcard at the top corner and a business card with my invoice.

Everything is nicely labeled with ingredients, the TAT was quick considering how many bags she must have had to label! Sorry, Falling Leaves looks really dark in the bag but it isn't in real life as you can see in the swatch.

darling girl and high voltage 007

Swatches were taken with my Ottlite and done over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Primer.

Babylon, Cozy Nights, and Deery Lou.

Darling Girl Babylon, Cozy Nights, and Deery Lou

Babylon: "A gorgeous pinkish bronze taupe pearl" This was a free sample. This was actually pretty close to my skin color, kind of a color I imagine myself wearing when I'm lazy but still want to look like I'm wearing something.

Cozy Nights: "Semi sheer taupey brown with amazing iridescent flecks of copper, gold, and red" Definitely my favorite taupe out of the bunch. The pigmentation was great, I didn't actually consider it to be semi sheer. Looked fab on the eyes. My second favorite out of my samples.

Deery Lou: "Greyed brown pearl with a slight green iridescence and ribbons of silver and mauve shimmers running through it" This one is similar to Cozy Nights but a little more purpley, probably because of the flash from the mauve shimmers. I tend to prefer silver-brown taupes as opposed to purpley taupes so this wasn't my favorite, still a pretty color though!

Falling Leaves, Oracle, and Palm Springs

Darling Girl Falling Leaves, Oracle, and Palm Springs

Falling Leaves: " A medley of different bronze, brown, gold, and red shimmers that all conspire to look like, well, falling leaves" Okay yep this was my favorite. I loved the light gold bronze color and it's absolutely perfect. Enough said.

Oracle: "Deep taupey green cast with a slightly metallic sheen" I wasn't sure if I was going to like this when I got this and while it's pretty, it's unfortunately discontinued. Personally I thought it was a little harder to get evenly on like the other eye shadows. If you like it I think you'll like this swatch done by Eyeconic Makeup

Palm Springs: " Soft iridescent burgundy with silver shimmer" This was a free sample. I actually thought this was a more pinky Melon pigment (by MAC). There's quite a lot of peachy pink, I wouldn't necessarily categorize it as a burgundy and there's lots of gold and green shimmer!

and finally, the Liquid Kiss Luxe.

Strawberry Fields Liquid Kiss Luxe (was a Holo Gloss when I got it but it has now been recategorized as a Liquid Kiss Luxe): "A super pigmented coral/red with lots of gold and red holo shimmer" I felt like my sample was grainy but it smoothed out ever so nicely on my lips. The holo shimmer is not gritty at all, in fact the gloss is one of the smoothest I've ever tried. This stained my lips afterwards.

darling strawberry fields holo gloss

I really loved what I got and I'm happy to see that she can do neutrals and more brighter colors well!

Disclaimer: I purchased these products myself. All opinions are my own!


  1. Ahh, I'm still waiting for my DG package!  Exciting!  Strawberry Fields is so pretty - I should have gotten it.  I debated, and then took it out of my cart at the last minute :P

  2. So glad you gave DG a try! I first heard about Darling Girl from Heather/Eyeconic's blog. I also kind of hesitated and it took me a while before I first ordered. And then....I became addicted! Susan has so many great colors and products. And she is great to work with! I'm sure it won't take too much convincing to get her to make Clusterfluff permanent!

  3. Wow, great swatches especially Strawberry Fields :O  Glad you liked your order I love taupes too.  I want to do a whole collection of them :P

  4. Loving all of those shadows~ super pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  5. It's a really gorgeous color, I imagine myself wearing it over my red lipsticks to add some oomph. You must get it~~

  6. Yeah I've already hassled her twice on the twitter, I'm going to make other people bother her about it instead!

  7. Strawberry Fields is almost blinding and I think a lot of us would love a taupes collection!

  8. You're welcome, I know I need to invest in their glitter glue soon

  9. ooohh so pretty!! I love how shimmery the colours are! 

  10. Woww all of them look great!!! Thanks for the lovely swatches honey <3

  11. Falling leaves is beautiful and that lip gloss looks great! Thanks for the review and wonderful swatches :)

  12. They're super gorgeous and I'm glad that she offers different sizes for the eye shadows so if I want a sample I can get it

  13. They're seriously that great, especially Cozy Nights and Falling Leaves!

  14. You're welcome :) haha it was a bit difficult to get accurate swatches but I did my best


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