Physicians Formula Eye Booster Eyeliner+Serum

Some time ago Physicians Formula had a giveaway on their site for their Eye Booster eyeliner if you signed up for a club of theirs. I have liked the concept of Physicians Formula but I don't own much of their products other than their gel liners.

For an eyeliner, it's amazing. I wore it for damn near 12 hours and it did not budge or smudge at all. It did wear away at the corners of my eyes but that's normal for me. The color I got is in Ultra Black and I didn't have any trouble getting a nice opaque line. It stays slightly glossy looking as opposed to being completely matte. To be honest I haven't tried it out consistently enough to test the lash boosting effect. It is a little expensive for a drugstore eyeliner at around nine or ten dollars but I like it enough that I'll be repurchasing.

I even got one for my sister. She wore it out often while we were on vacation in England and it stayed strong even in the rain. The one of the things that's a little bothersome is that when you remove it, it doesn't melt off but flakes off so it can get a little messy. This has a brush tip, not a felt tip but the bristles are held together very tightly and I've yet to experience fraying.

The other difficulty is that it can be difficult to go over the same line that's already dried. It works best when the brush tip is on skin or when it hasn't fully dried yet, if that makes sense!

The box

Eye Booster Brush tip

Have you tried this eyeliner out before?


  1.  Hands down THE best liquid liner I have ever used and the only one that has ever applied exactly how I want it to.  I would pay 2-3xs the price for this if I had to. (But I'm glad I don't)  I have it in black and brown and 4 backups just in case PF ever goes bonkers and discontinues it.  Definitely one of the very few HG items I have found.

  2. Yayy nice to see that it's also someone else's favorite! Their marketing strategy worked well because it got me to buy another one.

  3. I have this! But, I'm still trying to like it more. =/ Maybe it's my lazy hand for applying eyeliner...or just that I'm not used to liquid liners. I agree that it's lasting power is awesome though. :]

  4. It does take some getting used to. I'm way better at applying it on my left eye when I have my hand all turned the other way but am horrid at my right eye. I still don't really get why


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