Butterfly Blogger Award

I was tagged with the "Butterfly Award" by the lovely Tiffany! She's a fellow blogger who is back from a short hiatus and is now doing Youtube videos too so check her out :)
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Award rules:

Award 7 other and write 15 random things about yourself.

1. I'm copying Tiffany by doing this as my first random thing but I'm Vietnamese and Chinese. I'm not sure of the proportions but mainly Vietnamese.

2. I speak 3ish languages, English, Vietnamese and American Sign Language. English is my strongest, Vietnamese is waning but I'm trying to build up my skills and I'm still learning ASL. Despite being Chinese I actually don't speak it.

3. I'm a former dancer, classically trained in ballet under the Cecchetti method. I also did jazz, lyrical, a year of pointe and dabbled in hip hop and tap.

4. I'm short. Really short and it's almost comical when I stand next to my 6'4" boyfriend and here I stand at 5'2".

5. I'm going to start my 4th year of university in the fall but I won't be done until next year (if everything goes according to plan)

6. Speaking of university, I'm a Communicative Disorders student studying to become either a Speech Language Pathologist or an Audiologist (depending on where I get into school)

7. I love Mangoes. In my opinion they are the perfect fruit.

8. I'm a recovering iPhone addict. Right now I've got a G2 but since I've gotten Tiny Tower on my iPhone I've been using that for games.

9. I didn't get my license until I was 18 and even then for my first two years of university my dad drove me to and from school. My school was very close to our bakery so it was convenient at the time until my school schedule started being a bit crazier this year.

10. Most of my family live back in France and I'd love to live there for the food. I couldn't ever though because I don't know French.

11. Not really a fact but my idea of a perfect place to live in would combine France's food, England's Underground and Overground subway system and America's prices.

12. I love dogs and cats, I have hopes of someday owning both and having them get along with each other.

13. I have a tortoise named Spike. She likes to eat dandelions and sometimes spends her time walking to and fro in front of the back door.

14. I love to bake but I'm weird about eating the things that I bake because I get worried that it won't taste good.

15. I love to collect packaging. I've got boxes and boxes of old packaging from the make up items that I buy.

I shall be tagging:

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  1. Congrats on the award hun!  I'm the same when I bake and cook.  I can never seem to eat what I make and even though my husband says it tastes good I don't believe him..  Lol.


  2. Yay you did the post! ♥ I enjoyed reading all of your random facts. Ah, you're a dancer? That's so cool! And you're not thattt short! (except maybe next to your bf..hehe).

    Good luck on your last year of college!! I'm sure you'll do just fine~ :] And duuude, that ideal world sounds amazing! I'd love to live there too...-sigh-

  3. Yeah I'm always thinking "Are they saying that to be nice or do they really mean it?"

  4. I'd like to get into dancing again, time might be an issue since I'm trying to see about observing in a hospital and finding a job during the school year!

    You haven't had dairy until you've had French dairy. That's all that needs to be said.

  5. i luv mangoes too but it gives me pimples >.<


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