Red Bronze EOTD

I've been on a neutral kick so I used my Sleek Storm palette again. Sigh I wish I could import this palette for cheaper because I love most of the shades in the palette.

I've been trying to experiment with eye shadow placements and the effects it can create. With this I did a darker red bronze over the lid, and then a medium gold bronze in the middle of the lid and finally a light shimmery highlight color right in the middle to add more depth.

I'm not sure if you can see it in the pictures but I think it looked pretty awesome in real life.

Red Bronze EOTD 005

Red Bronze EOTD 003

ELF Mineral Eye Primer
Sleek Storm Palette
-Bottom row, the farthest left eye shadow all over the lid
-Top row, the farthest left eye shadow in the middle of the lid
-Top row, the 2nd from left eye shadow right in the middle of the lid to highlight
-Top row, the 3rd from left eye shadow as a brow highlight
Maybelline Clear Mascara through the brows

I'm so excited for Harry Potter tonight. The end of an era and it'll be fabulous to go with a bunch of my friends to see the midnight showing!


  1. Oh wow! These colors are stunning! I've been wanting a Sleek palette. Maybe someday I'll see if I can get someone international to do a swap with me!

  2. I like the effect you've created with the lighter colour on the middle of the lid - must try it! :D

  3. Do more EOTDs! I demand it!


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