More Storage Changes

I'm a pretty messy person when it comes to my room but damned organized when it comes to my make up. I'm always looking for cheap ways to make everything organized and I love room tour and make up organization videos on youtube.

Right now I store most of my make up in a "Melmer" which is the Michaels version of the Ikea Helmer. It is a three drawer organizer cube with the bottom drawer storing all of my nail polish.

I got a set of plastic baskets from Walmart to fit my Melmer. It actually worked out perfectly that they fit exactly. I can't remember which brand they are but the square baskets and the skinny rectangular baskets came three in a pack for $1.34. The large rectangular basket came two in a pack for $1.34.

The top drawer has my lip products, loose shadows/pigments, gel liners and miscellaneous face products that I don't use anymore.

wetnwild eotd and storage 013

The middle drawer has my Konad supplies/nail tools, cream and pressed shadows, and face products including foundations, blushes, and highlighters.

wetnwild eotd and storage 012

How do you guys store your make up?


  1. Right now I actually think I use the exact same (or very similar) trays to store mine.  I recently got a new organizer however, but I'm still waiting for that in the mail.

  2. Look at how organized you are! I try to stay organized, but can never seem to keep it that way! I have a photo album binder for all my sample baggies that works awesome. My top right side vanity drawer has all my primers and pencils. The top left side is all my lippies. Then pigments and palettes are in another drawer. I am currently loving the z-palettes I got for all my pressed shadows! This has been an awesome "storage" investment for me!

  3. im just like you! i have such a messy room but my make up collection "area" is all neat & tidy >_>" i love YT videos with ppl showing their make-up collections too .. makes me jealous of everything they have though~ haha Your storage looks great ^_^

  4. WoW! That is organized! It's funny you should post this because first of all, you got a new follower :) and secondly I would like to also invite you to participate in my Hold Me Traveling Vanity beauty Case Giveaway. There is a video on my blog where you can view the prize. You can stuff so much makeup in that bag! Hope to see you soon and thanks! XOXO

  5. I love your organizational skills!! I clearly need to go to wal-mart for those baskets!


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