Hogwarts Mini Series: Ravenclaw

I imagine this has been done to death but there are four days before the premiere and I'm going to do EOTDs off of each of the houses. There's no particular order but I had to do Ravenclaw first because of how bronze addicted I've been lately. Ravenclaw colors are blue and bronze.

Sorry about my eye being all red, I got some eye shadow in it while I was doing my lower lash line.

hogwarts ravenclaw 008

hogwarts ravenclaw 011

ELF Mineral Eye Primer
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
MAC Bronze on the inner and outer 1/3s of the eye
Barry M Dazzle Dust in 100 in the middle of the lid
Sleek Storm Palette
-Top row, 3rd from the left eye shadow as a highlight
MAC Blue pigment on the lower lashline
MAC Deep Truth over the Blue pigment


  1. I love the blue on the lower lashline - what a fun way to spice up bronzes :D

  2. This is so cute! I'm actually really late to the Harry Potter party (only seen up to Chamber of Secrets) but I did a little collection of bracelets featuring the house colors :) The color combos are really fun to play around with!

  3. What a beautiful blue on the lower lashline! Love these colors together! And I'm still not sure what Hogwarts or Ravenclaws are. I haven't read or seen any Harry Potter. Sad, I know :(

  4.  I love the combination so much and agree with Ki, the blue really spices up the look!

  5. I love bronzes, ahhh they're all so pretty :D!

  6. I like Ravenclaw and Gryffindor but I'm not quite that fond of Hufflepuff

  7. It looked so much awesomer in person, my camera washed it out a little unfortunately

  8.  This is a really interesting look! The blue and bronze go together brilliantly and your eye really pops!

  9. thank you! I'm not too fond of my brown eyes (in my opinion blue is better or green are better) so I'll make do with things that'll make them pop


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