Birthday Favorites Giveaway CLOSED

I know I know, I just had a giveaway but I wanted to do something so you guys could celebrate my birthday with me. I turn 21 on August 5th but I didn't want to wait until then to start the giveaway so I'm doing it now and having it end midnight August 22th PST.

I shall be collecting a bunch of my favorites for this.

There will be two prize sets and two giveaway winners. You'll enter for either the Nail themed prize OR the Makeup prize.

One person will win a set of my makeup favorites.

giveaway prize for make up

Full Sized Morgana Cryptoria Gilded Cerise Lipstick
Sample of Morgana Cryptoria Conspiring Copper Eye Shadow
Wet n Wild Dream Weavers Limited Edition Trios Set
- Earth Looks Small From Down Here
- Fly Me To The Moon
- Bright Idea
- Enter A New Realm
- Dancing in the Clouds
- We're Blasting Off
It's not pictured but you will also get your choice of two Inglot Pan Eye Shadows. I love Beauty Addict for Inglot swatches so you can check her blog out here!

Another person will win a mix and match set of six Konad Design Discs and Polishes (winner's choice) and a Double Sided Stamper/Scraper. My discs and polishes are pictured just so you can get an idea of what everything looks like. You'll get to choose your discs and polishes.

giveaway prize for nails

If you already own a Double Sided Stamper, then you can win another disc or polish. If you haven't heard of Konad before, it's a nail art stamping system which is basically like silk screening for your nails. I haven't done a post on Konad recently but here are several Nails of the Days that I did using Konad. Here, here, and here.

This will be Followers only. Don't bother entering if you're just planning on unfollowing afterwards. This is meant to be a thank you prize for being a reader and following me along in my blogging pursuits and for you guys to celebrate my birthday with me.

This is open internationally.

Please leave separate comments for each entry. Also, don't worry if you don't see your comment appearing after you leave your twitter link, Disqus has me manually approving comments with a link so you won't need to leave me another one!

Mandatory Entry: Tell me what you last did for your last birthday and leave your email address in this form: your email at so and so dot com to help combat spamming and tell me which prize you're entering for, whether it is the make up prize or the nail art prize! Also tell me your GFC follower name.

Optional entry: Tweet this link "Win Konad Plates & Polishes or a Makeup prize of Eye Shadows and More! @maimaimaiii" and leave a link to it in the same comment. Please leave a separate comment if you do this.


  1. Lakshmi PonnuswamyJuly 30, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    Found you blog through Karen's MBB and just started following. Turning 21 is such a big day! Happy B'day in advance :).  I am new to blogging, do check out my blog when you can :)  its:

    On my last birthday which was in June I really couldnt enjoy much because I'm studying abroad and most of my friends had gone home for summer. Just did a lot of shopping and travelling :) 
    I'm entering for the makeup prize!

  2. For my last birthday, it was my 21st, so I went to the bar with my friend, and I got wasted.  This made me never want to drink again. I got free drinks because it was my birthday, but they were disgusting. It was fun though. It was an experience I'll never forget about :)

    I would love the makeup prize. I love Wet N Wild's eyeshadows...SO PRETTY!!

    I am a GFC follower as ktun
    My email is krispytuna at hotmail dot com

    Thanks for this and Happy early birthday!!!

  3. I tweeted:!/KrispyTinCan/status/97371493322862593

    email: krispytuna at hotmail dot com

    Thanks again :)

  4. For my last birthday, I turned 16 (I feel like a really young blogger, you all seem to be in your twenties at least!) I trawled around London with a few friends and checked out various markets and forced them to buy my things because it was my birthday :P

    I'm a follower with GFC under the name of 'Floam', my email is iwanttomakeup at yahoo dot co dot uk, and I would love the nail art prize :)

  5. 17 seconds agoI tweeted :)

    I'm a follower with GFC under the name of 'Floam', my email is iwanttomakeup at yahoo dot co dot uk, and I would love the nail art prize :)This is my second (optional) entry :)And Happy Birthday, when it comes!

  6.  My birthday was just earlier this month! The day before, I spent time
    with my family, had a nice dinner, got presents and all that,  and the
    day of my birthday I was out and about with my boyfriend. We saw a
    movie, had sushi, and generally had a great day =) It was fun!

  7. Aaaand tweet here!!/Bhevarri/status/97407629571268608
    I would like to enter for the Konad prize, and my email is bhevarri at yahoo dot com
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. GFC: Amanda Lehrke, amandalehrke at gmail dot com
    My last birthday was my 22nd birthday and I wasn't too excited about turning 22 so I just went out to dinner for some Korean BBQ with some close friends :) My 21st was the best birthday ever I hope you have fun on your 21st too!

    I'm not picky I would love to win the nail polish or makeup prize but I just my first choice will be the makeup one!

  9. Here's my tweet:!/xoxoSnowflake/status/97421236384186369

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I spent my bday with family in the morning and with friends at night..
    GFC name- bhumika
    entering for the make up prize..thanks :)

  11. My last birthday...I had a fun party at my friend's house where a lot of people actually showed up. It was great. I'd love to enter for the makeup prize.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  12. What I did for my last birthday...I had a quiet one at home and didn't do anything as my Dad had a business meeting so I let him off the hook and happily let my birthday pass without much celebration. I did have a cake though which was nice but that is about it!

    suzukinatumi at gmail dot com
    I'm entering for the make up prize (:

    And I'm definitely following via GFC and I think it shows me as 'Suki' now (Google+, it changes everything!)

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  13. GFC: Sirena Sparklestar
    Email: sirenasparklestar at gmail dot com
    Prize: Nail themed

    Last Birthday: Celebrated at the goth club with my friends where my bf djs :)

  14. for my last birthday i had a barbecue dinner with my family.

    I am entering the makeup giveaway.

    my email address is myhuyenngu24 at gmail dot com

  15. Ahh, my birthday is only one day after the end of your giveaway^^ And last year, it was a simple celebration, with a delicious cake and some member of my family (not everybody, but we still had a great time!)

    I'd love to win the nail art prize ♥

    My mail is titiandbrit (at) hotmail (dot) com
    My GFC is Laetitia ♥

  16. And I tweet about your birthday giveaway :!/Ka_ra_melle/status/97604213504348160

    Thanks for organizing a giveaway for this occasion! Hey, you're the one who should receive gifts, no?? ;)

  17. For my last birthday I threw a party at a club and had DJs from two states spin. Then I spent several days recovering.

    I'll go for the makeup giveaway please.

    francesdanger (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. Oh, I'm not sure why my second comment didn't show??

    I was saying that I tweeted about your GA :!/Ka_ra_melle/status/97604213504348160

    And thanks for this birthday giveaway, but shouldn't you be the one who receive gifts for this occasion??!! ;)

  19. For my last birthday, I also celebrated New years at the waterfront, watched fireworks and did karaoke for the very first time!! 

    I'd love to win the make-up prize!!

    kerr.beee (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. Tweeted your giveaway ~
    Link :!/KerrBeee/status/97652403305857027

  21. Happy birthday...ur so sweet for doing a giveaway for yr birthday. Anywho, for my last bday, I had dinner w/ a few good friends @ Applebee's. Nothing too special. I'd love to enter for your nail polish prize set. Mara_xiong (at) hotmail (dot) com

  22. My last birthday was quiet and simple, we had dinner at a restaurant with my family.

  23. Tweet:!/castiatwits/status/97682717768036353
    castia (at) gmail (dot) com
    Thank you!

  24. Happy early birthday!!!!
    My last birthday I spent trapped with screaming kids and disgusting cupcakes that made us all sick lol.
    My email is christiebrooks(at)att(dot)net
    I would like the nail art prize
    I follow with GFC as Christie Brooks

  25. Happy Birthday!
    My last birthday was a blast! I celebrated it with my family and friends. It was so simple yet I we had so much fun! Spending your time with your love one's, I guess nothing could bet that!

    nerakzkiexcore at yahoo dot com

  26. GFC: Karen Mae Bautista

    nerakzkiexcore at yahoo dot com

  27. tweeted-!/itsmeKAHAREN/status/97942419730993152

    nerakzkiexcore at yahoo dot com

  28. Hi! I was reading your blog since a few month (I found it looking for Morgana Cyptoria reviews)
    Thanks for that amazing giveway, especially for international followers :)
    I did a beautiful family dinner fr my last birthday, with all my brothers, we had a lot of fun! We did silly photos and eated the family traditional dishes (vietnamese pork recipe) and delicious cakes, that I love!
    then the evening I went to dinner with my boyfriend, as we are born the same day!

    I now follow you with GFC under Clara.
    I would like to enter for the Make up prize :)
    my email is huynhclara at googlemail dot com

  29. And I tweeted it :

  30. Make up prize please!

    I didn't do anything extra special in my previous birthday. I spent it at home, quiet time with family. Had a small feast. :D

    GFC: Janinay

    ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

    ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

  32. Make-up prize =)

    Since my family is not with me I celebrated my birthday with my BF. We just went to my favorite restaurant, did a little shopping and watched a Korean flick. 

    GFC: MissGennD
    Email: missgennd at yahoo dot com

  33. Twitted:!/MissGennD/status/98317079916195840

  34. Hoping to win for the Makeup Prize Pls!

    I spent my birthday night with my family and cousins. We ate at a Persian style restaurant! During the day, my students gave me a birthday cake and we ate in my classroom. The day before that, my bestfriend and I ate at a Spanish-Filipino restaurant! Yes my birthday was celebrated with food! hihi!

    GFC: kai sensei
    Email: kaisensei15 gmail dot com

  35. I would <3 to have the makeup!

    I spent my birthday at home with my family. We have our food delivered. This is just a
    simple celebration since I have just given birth. Our little girl was just over a month
    old during that time.

    GFC: Elinor Semira
    Email: elinorsemira0124[at]gmail[dot]com

  36. Tweeted:!/mhoie1325/status/98341107175391233

  37. I had a quiet birthday  dinner with the family at home. There's nothing like quality time with loved ones & good conversation. :)
    I'd love the makeup prize, please! :)Name/GFC: Rachel VillanuevaEmail: rachelvillanueva (at) hotmail (dot) com

  38. Twitter: followed you as outdoor_kitty

  39. I spent my birthday at home with my family. My Mum organized a family dinner for all of us ..
    I would like to win the makeup collection :)

    GFC: Sadi

  40. I tweeted here :

  41. My birthday is on December 27th, and 2 of my best friends have their birthdays really close, one on January 10th and the other on January 27th, so we usually celebrate it together.  We gathered our friends and we went to lunch, to a movie, went skating and then had a sleepover. It was really great!
    I know you said that we have to chose one prize, but I am a huge nail polish and make up fanatic, so both the prizes are right up my alley. If  I am fortunate enough to win, I will be ecstatic to receive either one.
    I follow you on GFC as irina and my email address is

  42. I tweeted!/love_muffin/status/98869728600268800

  43. bot meself a lanvin top and have choc by death cake with my hub, mum, dad, sis, aunty, uncle lol 
    xoxo elle
    wifluvelle at gmail dot come
    gfc wifluvelle

  44. Win Konad Plates & Polishes or a Makeup prize of Eye Shadows and More! @maimaimaiii

  45. btw, when in type on disqus, it is auto shared on my twitter :)

  46. my birthday was last 6th of June, 25 y/o

    i did nothing on my birthday.. and it was the most saddest.. away with my family.. my parents were angry with me, knowing that  im pregnant.. i stay with the bf house..  i was lucky enough that his family supports and took care of me..

    i almost cried, when the bf leaves the house, it was raining hard that day.. and when he arrives home.. he handed me my fave flavor of icecream.. i was always a kid at heart.. he hugs me and told me.. everythings gonna be fine.. and he loves me so much..

    GFC: rhaindropz

  47. twit about it:!/rhaindropz/status/99318614963924992

    twitter name:  @rhaindropz:disqus

  48. twit about it:!/rhaindropz/status/99318614963924992

  49. if i had the chance.. i would like to win WnW eye palettes ^_^

  50. We had a small get together with our friends for my last birthday which turned into a game night. I'd love the makeup.


  52. GFC: Amanda S.
    Email: glittersandbubblesblog at gmail dot com
    For my last birthday my hubby and I and several of our friends went to Disneyland!

  53. My last birthday my DH & I took the train to Santa Fe to go to my favorite breakfast restaurant, the Chocolate Maven. Unfortunately, he misjudged the stop and we had to walk about 4 miles to the restaurant and back to the train, which then didn't arrive for almost 2 hours. And I forgot my book.  But, it wasn't that bad. At least I walked off the calories from breakfast. 

    Following under Painted MoonkinEmail: glitterpwnd[at]paintedmoonkin[dot] net

  54. Also Tweeted:!/PaintedMoonkin/status/99508916882374656

    Oh, and I'm an idiot: makeup prize

  55. First of all, Happy Birthday to you!! I always say your birthday lasts for a month LO, so enjoy it to the fullest.  Shouldnt birthdays be a holiday where you dont have to go to school or work??...I think so :0)
    I turned 30 this year...eeek.  (March 18) My parents gave me the option to have a huge birthday party, but I wanted to go away instead.  They gifted me tickets to go to Disney World (FL) in June.  I was super excited because the last time I was there was in 1994.  My boyfriend paid his way & we went together.  Have to say that spending the 2 weeks I did in Disney, was the best birthday present ever.  Im such a big kid at heart, so I had an amazing time.  On my birthday though, I had a get together with friends & coworkers & we went out to our favorite bar & danced all night.  The next day, I had a special dinner with my family & boyfriend in the yummiest Italian restaurant, which we go to on special occasions. 
    Following from Solange L.
    email: jewelrybysolangeaol .com 

    I would love to win the makeup :0)

  56. I'd like to enter for the makeup prize.
    GFC: Marion, e-mail: marion.s  [at]
    I think I only had a small family celebration at home, nothing special as I don't really remember it.

  57. Hi there! I would love to be entered for the Makeup Prize please.
    GFC follower - Mrskittykaboom
    Email- mrskittykaboom AT gmail DOT com
    For my last birthday I went out for pizza with my Mom and Granda and then spent the evening at home with my husband playing DJ Hero 2.

  58. I had a sad last birthday. I had to work, and when I came home, there was no one to greet me...sad :(

    I would love the makeup prize
    I am a GFC follower as Nina Antoinette
    My email is swtpnayjus4u at gmail dot com

  59. I miss being young and having parties for my birthdays! For my last birthday my boyfriend made me dinner and we stayed home and watched movies. It was nice, though. :)

    I would like to enter for the nail prize,  please!

    jessi (dot) mckinney (at) gmail (dot) com

  60. My Tweet-!/JessiLPP/status/102098024850919424

  61. on last birthday i spent the whole day shopping for myself and then we cut a cake & celebrated with balloons and party caps.
    gfc : red scintilla email : laskaeli(at)gmail dot com
    i'l opt for the makeup prize.

  62. I tweeted about your giveaway here :!/CherieFemme/status/102122202366869505

  63. I went to the club on my last birthday. It was fun, but on the way back home, I got into a car crash :( Ruined my precious car!

    I am a GFC follower as joanne etrata
    Email: joanneetrata08 at hotmail dot com

  64. tweeted:!/JoO_Official/status/102839747667435521

  65. on my last birthday 7/25, everyone was broke so i didn't really celebrate. that night though, my knight in shining armor brought me a bottle of rum and totally saved my birthday. it was awesome. :) -Sarah aka i'm entering for the makeup prize. GFC: Sarah Cabrera

  66. twitter: @famedromantic
    i tweeted about the giveaway:!/famedromantic/status/103200640498532353

    Sarah aka GFC: Sarah Cabrera

  67. First, happy belated birthday!

    I want to enter for the makeup prize because the Dream Weavers trios aren't available in Canada, where I live. Also, I'd love to try Morgana's stuff :)

    I follow on GFC as eight
    My email is fleurdoll [at] gmail [dot] com

    Thank you!

  68. I worked a 12 hour shift on my last birthday. :-(
    I'd like to win the nail prize
    rjs682 at yahoo dot come
    I follow under my GFC name soccermom1

  69. i spent the my last birthday with my friends in university, had lot of fun.
    i am entering for nail art prize

  70. gfc: Burcin
    email: burcin.cevik.bir at gmail dot com

    Last birthday I spent with my mom. We did some shopping, ate out and cut cake.

    I would like to enter for the nail art prize. 

    Thank you and happy belated birthday!

  71. Follow under tmc480
    I'd like the nail art prize
    tmc480 at yahoo dot com

  72. I follow under Sammi on GFC :)
    I would be happy with either prize, but would prefer the makeup favorites if I had to choose!
    My last birthday I went out to a bar with some friends and had a good time :)
    My email address is samanthaksimmons [at] gmail [dot] com
    Thank you! :D

  73. I also tweeted with my username, utpian!/utpian/status/104371664250347520
    samanthaksimmons [at] gmail [dot] com :)

  74. I follow via GFC as rivercitylizzy

    My birthday falls within a week of Thanksgiving, so for my last birthday I was out grocery shopping with my mom for our Turkey Day dinner ingredients ;^9
    I'm especially interested in the nail art prize--don't have any of that kine stuff yet!

    Email me at eleimamoazevedo at gmail dot com

  75. Tweeted (username: rivercitylizzy)!!/rivercitylizzy/status/104411737343787008 

  76. I went shopping with my best friend.

    I would love the nail package.



  78. Hmmmm...  my last birthday wasn't so great.  I lost my oldest daughter in 2006 and since her birthday is the day before mine, I was very sad on my birthday, as it was the 5th year since losing her.

    I did paint my nails a bright pop of pink, because she loved my nails that color.

    missy dot pratt at

  79. Ehf2004 at gmail dot com

    Follow under ehf

    My last birthday DH spoiled me with an amazing natural light makeup mirror and Godiva!

    I would like the makeup package.

  80. GFC follower. ID: Lynda Del
    Family took me out to dinner at Benihana's for my last birthday.
    I'd like the makeup favorites package.
    lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

  81. GFC Follower Deana
    I played 3 hours of Fallout 3!

  82. Last birthday was low-key, dinner at my mom's house with the bf and one of my friends. It was really nice. Although come to think of it, there was no cake haha.

    I'd like to enter for the makeup prize.
    GFC: purplegreenpanda
    email: purplegreenpanda at gmail dot com

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  83. My last birthday was spent recovering from wisdom teeth surgery... I had squishy underdone cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a slurpee for dinner. I also had the very first day of tech week rehearsal, so I got sung happy birthday by 60+ cast members. SOOO much fun! :)
    corbyjane at gmail dot com
    I bite my nails like crazy so I'm entering for makeup. ;) And I follow under Corbyjane. <3

  84. Tweeted! I'm private but I think you follow.!/somuchbetter88/status/105890831470313472
    corbyjane at gmail dot com
    Corbyjane under GFC


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