Wet n Wild LE Dream Weavers & Core Collection Trios Swatches

I'm proud of myself for posting every day in July. I think for August I won't be posting as much but I shall try as much as I can before school starts. These pictures are brought to you by my significant other who was generous enough to get me a Flickr Pro account!

Anyhoo here are swatches of three of the Limited Edition Dream Weavers Trios and two of the core collection trios. They're all swatched over ELF Mineral Eye Primer.

My favorite trio of the three Dream Weavers trios, We're Blasting off. The fact that everything is pink tinged or has a pink sparkle gives it such a mod 60s feel to it, in my opinion at least.

Wet n Wild We're Blasting Off Trio

Earth Looks Small From Down Here

Earth Looks Small From Down Here

Dancing in the Clouds, which would be my favorite but the purple in it is so unpigmented it taints my overall opinion of the trio.

Wet n Wild Dancing In The Clouds Trio

Walking on Eggshells, which is a permanent trio. Apparently this trio has the MAC dupes for Shroom, Cork, and Naked Lunch.

Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells

Silent Treatment, another permanent trio. The browbone shade (the far right color) does have a slight pink tinge. The middle shade is similar to the one in the We're Blasting Off trio but this one seems to have some gold sparkles as opposed to the pink in We're Blasting Off.

silent treatment swatches 001

Indulge in Wet n Wild trios, they're worth the $2.99!


  1. Wow, the Dancing in the Clouds trio looks pretty! And those are colors I wouldn't typically reach for! Thanks for the beautiful swatches!

  2. Love the colors of "Earth Looks Small From Down Here" and emilynoel83 did a tutorial yesterday  using the Dancing in the clouds tutorial, the purple looked rather nice over a base there :)

  3. Bummer about the purple in DitC. That's the one I wanted the most.

  4. I love We're Blasting Off, particularly that first colour!


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