Darling Girl Cosmetics Eyeshadow and Holo-Gloss Swatches and Impressions

Guess what came in the mail today :D? Did I need more Darling Girl goodies, no I did not but I got a crapton anyway.

I ordered full size jars of Cozy Nights and Falling Leaves, petit jars of Curious, Clusterfluff, Dark Ember, Bijou, and Nectar. I also got a Blogger Review Pack with samples of Goldfinger Holo-Gloss, Jeweled Taupe, Abbey Road, Knowing, and Devotion eyeshadow samples. I also got free samples of Mercurial and Champagne Kisses. The GWP was a petit jar of Emerald City.


I have to add in that Susan's customer service is amazing. There was a mixup with one of the things in my order and not only did Susan answer me promptly she offered a replacement and refunded me too. So thumbs up for that.

Anyway, here's everything I ordered. This is the Blogger review pack. The stickers seem to be a new addition and I've already stuck one on my Melmer where I store my makeup.


My petits and full size jars with Glitter Glue.


My Blogger review pack.


The free samples I got plus my GWP of Emerald City.


All of the jars laid out. The top two are my full sized jars of Falling Leaves and Cozy Nights. The petit jars from left to right are Clusterfluff, Bijou, Dark Ember, Nectar, Curious, and Emerald City (GWP)


Here's also a size comparison between the full size jar, petit sized jar and a sample.


Now onto the swatches! These are swatches of the petit jars. I've already swatched Falling Leaves and Cozy Nights and you can see them in this post. These were taken in daylight over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Primer.

From left to right; Bijou, Clusterfluff, and Curious

Darling Girl Bijou, Clusterfluff, and Curious

Bijou:-"A soft silvery brown". With this shade, it had a strong green iridescence in the pot, less so when swatched.

Clusterfluff: "A silvered lilac taupe". This was a GWP shade that was made permanent.

Curious- "A sheer iridescent taupe with a gold/copper shift" I actually don't agree with the description, I found that it had a more prominent pink shift come out with the copper shift. So pretty and I wish I could have captured it better on camera. So extremely sparkly too.

Dark Ember, Emerald City (GWP), Nectar.

Darling Girl Dark Ember, Emerald City, and Nectar

Dark Ember- "A deep metallic smoked burgundy with flashes of pink shimmer and a coppery rubdown". One of the shades I was most looking forward to. It's crazy how the more you rub it the more the copper sheen comes out. Very pretty.

Emerald City (GWP)- a pretty emerald green, not much more than I can say about that!

Nectar- "A soft peachy pink pearl with a soft silvery sheen and green iridescence". I'd attest to the green iridescence, it shows up a little lighter on me than it appears in the jar. I had to get this color because it was one of Sandi's favorites. When applied wet it positively glows with the green iridescence.

These were my sample bags. From left to right; Abbey Road, Champagne Kisses, and Devotion

Darling Girl Abbey Road, Champagne Kisses, and Devotion

Abbey Road-" A bronze beige pearl leaning a little metallic". I actually really liked this, it's a gorgeous bronze!

Champagne Kisses- " A pearly champagne shimmer with red sparks". I do see the slight red sparks in my swatch, it's a pretty vanilla color.

Devotion- "A tannish taupe with pink undertones". For me, it turned out a little too red toned for my taste, but I am generally picky about my taupes.

Jeweled Taupe, Knowing, Mercurial

Darling Girl Jeweled Taupe, Knowing, and Mercurial

Jeweled Taupe- "A metallic bronze taupe with multi colored shimmers". Oh baby this is the motherlode of taupes. It's a gorgeous bronze toned taupe with an amazing amount of purple and red glitter running through it. Utterly amazing!

Knowing- "A deep chocolate brown". This is unfortunately discontinued. For me, it leaned the slightest bit green while still keeping its chocolate brown-ness.

Mercurial- "A plummy bronze taupe". I actually thought this had a base color like Jeweled Taupe but with a prominent pink sheen to it and without the glitter.

Here are extra closeup pictures of Jeweled Taupe so you can see the fine pieces of glitter running through it.


The shadows were all nice and smooth, blended very well. When I was finger swatching them, I noticed that Nectar, Jeweled Taupe, and Dark Ember had a more textured feel to it due to the glitter in the shades. This didn't affect application though!

Here's a swatch of Goldfinger Holo-Gloss taken in daylight. This was a nice smooth gloss, not grainy at all or gritty from the shimmer.

Bare Lips first


Then Goldfinger applied.

Darling Girl Goldfinger

Phew that was a lot to do. If I had to pick my must-haves, they'd have to be Dark Ember, Jeweled Taupe and Curious.

Have you picked anything up from Darling Girl?


  1. Susan makes some of the most beautiful neutrals I have ever seen.  This is what I love about her brand.  I like super bright colors as much as the next indie make up lover, but sometimes a girl just needs work wearable colors.

  2. I absolutely adore Darling Girl, and Susan is an absolute sweetheart! 
    I'm currently waiting for my third DG order to arrive, and I'm rather excited about playing with the glitter glue and fantasia blush :)

  3. Hello Mai! I know this is an old post, but I think you still check the comments. Goldfinger looks really subtle on the lips. Is it more of a bit of subtle shimmer than an actual glitter gloss? I'm looking for something really noticeable. Thank you!

  4. It's kind of in between because there's some sparkle but it's not dense enough to actually be glittery. I say it's not very noticeable from a distance so I'm not sure it's what you're looking for!

  5. Hi Mai! Thank you, very helpful. I really enjoy your site. One of the most professional review sites out there!


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