Essence Gel Eyeliner Swatches and Review

I remember reading about London Baby on the MakeUpAlley forums ages ago and it was in the back of my mind when I went into Ulta before work. I didn't think much of it but was happily surprised to find it and the other gel eyeliners in the permanent Essence display.

As much as I like Essence I'm annoyed that basically none of their products are sealed. I had to search through three London Babys before I found one that was untouched. My Berlin Rocks was the only one untouched out of the two or three out. Only one out of the three Midnight in Paris gel eyeliners were untouched.

None of their mascaras are ever sealed so I am always wary to buy one there. I don't like seals with indie cosmetics since they're never in the hands of other people but I think seals are a must with drugstore cosmetics. There is .1 fl oz/3 mL of product for $3.49

Either way, product photos first because London Baby is gorgeous in the pot. How can you say no to this glorious taupe pewter brown?

wet n wild lip swatches pt2 013

This is Berlin Rocks which is a gorgeous purple with predominantly pink and multicolor sparkles.

wet n wild lip swatches pt2 015

I did a heavy swatch and then a one pass stroke so you could get an idea of how you could build up the color.

wet n wild lip swatches pt2 017

These eyeliners are so soft, they feel like a really soft whipped mousse. These are a little bit sheer so I would say use a pointed eyeliner brush as opposed to an angle brush to apply it. These claim to be "High Precision Eyeliners" that are "Waterproof".

I will give it to them that they're rather sturdy and waterproof on my arm when I tried to get the swatches off. These do transfer the slightest amount on me. I noticed the faintest amount on my eyelid after about 6 hours when I wore it on my upper lashline with no primer. I tested it on a primer'd eye (ELF Mineral Eye Primer to be specific) and didn't notice any. The colors are still so gorgeous so I wouldn't mind buying this again!


  1.  Ooh the purple one is such a cool colour, sparkly *__*

  2. These are both very pretty colors! Too bad essence doesn't seal their products :(

  3. I NEED THESE BABIES....i haven't noticed these yet but I will stop by Ulta tomorrow. I think they will work great as a base or as a all over lid color blended out. Thanks for the swatches and the mini review.

  4. These eyeliners look FABULOUS! I need to get them!!!!!!!! =) 


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