Fyrinnae Haul, Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

When the rumors were swirling around about Fyrinnae possibly closing I rushed to the site to make an order in case they were. They are not closing/out of business by the way and I'm so extremely happy for that. Right now I believe they have disabled the shop to catch up on order but they should be back soon. I made my order on the 19th and received it yesterday, which is way below the stated Turn Around Time listed on the site (last I checked, it was 18-22 business days).

I ordered samples of Kurisumasu, Gilded Wings, Knickers In A Twist, Sacred, Damn Paladins, Beholder, Newcastle, Medieval Haunting and an Arcane Magic sample in Velvet Vampire. I also got a sample of Pixie Epoxy and a 3 gram jar of Fluff powder. I received a free sample of Samhain Spirits eyeshadow.

Everything all laid out. The sample jars of eyeshadow are $2.00 for 1/3rd tsp in a 3 gram jar and the Arcane Magic sample was $2.00 for 1/4 tsp, also in a 3 gram jar. I've always been one for jars over sample bags so I like how they do this.


Open jars photo


Fluff is a silica based powder with other ingredients and it works to diffuse my large pores and acne scars so so well. This was $4.00 for 3 grams of product.


This product needs no introduction but I'm giving one anyway. This is the infamous Pixie Epoxy, a fixative that works to give eyeshadows a foiled "applied wet" effect. It works to minimize fallout and to keep sparkles on. I recently got Darling Girl's Glitter Glue so I'll make a comparison post between the two.

This is about 1.2 mL of product for $1.50


Onto the swatches! These were done dry over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Eye Primer and all the pictures were taken in daylight.

Beholder, Damn Paladins, Gilded Wings, and Knickers in a Twist


Beholder: A silvery brown taupe, one of the colors I will buy in a heartbeat. In some lights, it looks a little mauvey and sometimes I see a bit of pink to it. It can look really complex.

Damn Paladins: A light taupe with a blue highlight. It's a little too light for me but if you're looking to bring out the blue highlight, apply it with your fingers instead of a brush!

Gilded Wings: This is a sparkly bronze copper gold. Excellent adhesion and a pretty metallic.

Knickers In A Twist: This is a deep purple brown. I personally don't like the shade but if you're looking for MAC Moth Brown, I've heard this touted as a dupe!

Kurisumasu!, Medieval Haunting, and Newcastle


Kurisumasu!: I actually got this color because I wanted to compare it to MAC Goldenaire but it's a little darker and not as metallic. Still very pretty though!

Medieval Haunting: An antique gold, it's got this brown sheen that comes off as you rub it down. One of my favorites.

Newcastle: A deep sparkly bronze. I feel like the picture on the site is a little off, especially since I think that there are slight green tones in this. I really loved the gold sparkle in this.

Sacred, Samhain Spirits, Arcane Magic in Velvet Vampire


Sacred: Ooh baby, I loves me a golden color. It's a light golden color, not too taupey.

Samhain Spirits: My free sample. It's a burgundy raspberry color with nice sparkle.

Arcane Magic in Velvet Vampire: This is similar to Samhain Spirits but it's a little lighter, with a copper highlight and tons of gold sparkle.

Additional jar pictures!

The top row (Knickers In A Twist, Beholder, Kurisumasu!, Damn Paladins, and Samhain Spirits)
The bottom row (Gilded Wings, Sacred, Medieval Haunting, Beholder, and Velvet Vampire)

These are some of the most pigmented eyeshadows I've ever had. I prefer swatching over a base but some of them were so pigmented they didn't even need one!


Anyway, thank you for reading if you've managed to get this far. I was very very wordy in this post!

Have you tried Fyrinnae eyeshadows or any of their other products?


  1. That's interesting about the different consistencies of the eyeshadows. Makes me wonder if it's because they have so many orders and therefore didn't blend those enough. I really need to make an order when I can and they are open again. There is so much that I want!

  2. Oh no I didn't mean to imply that they were somehow inferior in quality or anything. I meant it as just an observation. Due to different eyeshadow finishes and ingredients they must have different consistencies. Gilded Wings being metallic would be more fine grained than a matte. I just like classifying things into groups and didn't mean to imply anything negative!

  3. I have noticed the consisteny differences in their shadows too. Must have something to do with the different ingredients in the different colors. Yay for a Fyrinnae haul! I did place an order a while back after Beauty's Bad Habit did a post about them. I can't wait for them to reopen with some new colors in the works! Thanks for the swatches!

  4. I never usually talk much about eyeshadow consistencies but I did this time because I liked how my order was half and half perfectly. Yeah I read their blog post and looks like there will be a Halloween release this year and I'm so excited for that.

  5. do you know what kurisumasu means in Japanese? Christmas :) That's a very pretty shade

  6. Gorgeous swatches! Velvet Vampire looks amazing!

  7. I can't wait to order from Fyrinnae! Gorgeous swatches!


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