DIY How to Depot Urban Decay Loose Eyeshadows Picture Tutorial

So today I got in my Urban Decay sale order which consisted of two loose eyeshadows, a cream eyeshadow and a makeup remover. I was most interested in the loose eyeshadows because while they seem to get good reviews the packaging seemed to not. I was looking on youtube to see if anyone had a tutorial on how to depot them and came across this one. I followed the directions from that and wanted to document my process in a picture tutorial.

For this you will need:

One Urban Decay Loose Eyeshadow

Before picture

and one set of pliers. Also containers to keep your eyeshadows in. I chose two 5 gram jars.


Step 1. Grip the purple cap at the end of the tube with your pliers.

Step 1

Step 2. Gently jimmy off the purple cap. Now be careful with this step; the purple cap is glued to a metal plug in the tube so you may pull off both the cap and plug. The eyeshadow is covered by the plug so don't use too much force lest you want a shower of eyeshadows. For both my eyeshadows I only managed to pull off the purple cap not both the cap and plug.

Step 2

Step 3. Now if you only pulled off the purple cap, you'll be left with the plug. There's a metal center to it and a plastic ring around it.

Purple cap off

Step 4. Using the edge of a tweezer or a butter knife (in the video tutorial she used a butter knife) gently go around the plastic ring to lift the plug. GO SLOW and gently, lest you want to explode the eyeshadow out.

Step 3

Step 5. The deplugged tube. Now when it comes to pouring out the eyeshadow, be sure to swish the eyeshadow wand up and down the container because some of the eyeshadow sticks and needs some loosening. You can use a toothpick to swish around the inside to get the residue out.


Step 6. Your depotted contents. The containers hold 1 gram of eyeshadow, when it retailed for $17 was extravagant but for $1 I can't complain.

Depotted pigments

Step 7. Now if you want to, you can try to pull off the labels at the bottom. I heated mine up with the fan by my laptop and peeled it off. Part of the paper backing was stuck to the bottom but the pretty plastic part peeled off nicely.


And voila, you've got eyeshadows that are much easier to use because they're not stuck in those blasted containers!

Do you guys normally depot your unfriendly packaging products?


  1. I definitely depot. In fact, I depot almost every shadow I have (whether singles or in palettes) and put them in magnetized palettes (like the z-Palette). I've done all from Smashbox, MAC, Urban Decay, Victoria's Secret, etc and so forth. It's just so much easier to not have bulky, inconvenient packaging!

  2. Mai, your the best. Thanks for posting up this pictourial... I hope they haven't sold out. I want some now.

  3. im such a sucker for packaging. unless it's really hard to use, i leave things as they come.


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