It's my Birthday today :)

I be turning 21 today :) It's going to be a short post showing off one of the presents I got and a small Ulta haul I did today before I went to work.

Yay it's Rae Morris! Wayne Goss from Gossmakeupartist raved about her on his youtube.

birthday present and haul 002

These are Essence Gel eyeliners in London Baby 02 and Berlin Rocks 03! My camera eats purple for breakfast so Berlin Rocks is a little less red toned. I'll try to take a better picture later. London Baby is a pretty dark taupe.

The issue is that Essence products aren't sealed and so I had to pick through the eyeliners that were there to get one that hadn't been touched (most of them had been picked at). I'll probably go back on the 7th with my other coupon and get more :D

birthday present and haul 004

I also got some Ardell Duralash Individual Eyelashes in Flare Medium Black but I forgot to take a picture. I've been using the Perma-Lash Individual Eyelash adhesive and I've been really happy with how my lashes look with my DIY Extentions. I'll post about it in a little while!


  1. Omg, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! :) You are JUST turning 21!?!?! Wow, haha =) I hope you are having a grand time!!!!!! ^_^

  2. Have a very happy birthday! 21, squee! Hope it's a SPECTACULAR and memorable one! xoxxx

  3. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a lovely day, and hopefully is followed by many lovely days. :D

  4. hey happy bday !! nice haul :))

  5. hahah yeah I'm still that young!

  6. Happy Birthday, Mai. I'm glad u got the Essence gel liners. I've been loving their lipglosses and maybe its time to try out the liners too. Hope fully you review it soon. :)


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