MUA Make Up Academy Pro Heaven & Earth Palette Swatches and Review

This is such a pretty palette and something so very hyped up, it is definitely worth the hype. I wish we could get this palette in America but I've heard that MUA will have an online website soon enough so maybe that means us Americans can get our hands on it! This retails for £4 or around $6.60 and is available in Superdrug stores or their online website.

I swatched everything over ELF Mineral Eye Primer. I did not have any issues with pigmentation at all. They're all very workable shadows and not too soft.

I forgot to include a picture of the palette!


Top row, in daylight.

MUA Heaven & Earth

Top row, in direct sunlight.

MUA Heaven & Earth

The first shade is a light white-gold highlight color. The second shade is a pinky tan shade. The third shade is a gorgeous gold metallic color, not a true crucible gold. The fourth shade actually reminds me of MAC Helium pigment, it's that sort of pinky-white with red sparkles. The fifth shade is a reddish bronze brown, and the last shade is a copper gold bronze. These are all shimmery shades.

Bottom row, in daylight.

MUA Heaven & Earth

Bottom Row, in direct sunlight.

MUA Heaven & Earth

The first two shades, the darker tan brown and the lighter tan are more on the satin side. The third shade is a light frosty pink, sort of similar to Stila Kitten. The fourth shade is a purpley taupe with glitter. The fifth shade is a more golden brown and the last shade is a darker purple taupe with glitter. The fourth and the last shade are the only ones with prominent glitter although I did not notice lots of fallout with it.

All in all, a very wearable neutrals palette and something I wish everyone could get their hands on!

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