Wet n Wild The Gilded Age Trio Swatches, Review, and Comparisons

The Gilded Age Trio has been so hard to find but apparently it's popping up in stores alongside the new On the Prowl Nail Polish Collection so hopefully you'll be able to find it.

In the meantime, I did swatches of the trio and scrounged up some eyeshadows to do a comparison post to hopefully answer some questions about possible dupes. For the comparisons, they're all swatched in the order that they're pictured. All the swatches have been done over the ELF Mineral Eye Primer.

I will say that the Browbone and Crease shades are soft like the other Wet n Wild eyeshadow but the Eyelid shade had a firmer texture. It reminded me of a MAC shadow in texture actually

The "Browbone" shade was a little bit broken but I was able to use rubbing alcohol to patch it up.


Swatches were done dry over Coastal Scents Matte Shadow Worx Primer and taken under an Ottlite.

Wet n Wild The Gilded Age

And now some eyeshadows to compare to. From left to right, Stila Kitten, The Gilded Age Trio, MAC Goldenaire, a shade from the MUA Heaven & Earth palette.


This was a bit difficult to photograph since the colors are so light and frosty that it just appears white on my skin. This was taken in daylight.


This was taken in direct sunlight. I know it's difficult to see the differences in each but to summarize, Stila Kitten is a little lighter and frostier, MAC Goldenaire is a bit pinker, and the shade from Heaven & Earth is lighter. Are they close? Sort of but not a dead on dupe because of how Kitten is a bit lighter.

Sandi from Peace, Love, Sparkle has kindly informed me that MAC All that Glitters is the closest dupe that she's found for the shade. I unfortunately don't own it so I can't confirm but it might be handy for some of you!


Onto the next shade. From left to right; a shade from the MUA Heaven & Earth Palette, The Gilded Age trio, a shade from the Sleek Storm palette.


This was taken in daylight. The MUA Heaven & Earth shade is a little darker and redder and the Sleek Storm palette is probably the closest that I've found. The Sleek Storm palette shade has a slight red shimmer that makes it the tiniest bit different from the Gilded Age color.


I should apologize for this picture, it makes it seem like all the eyeshadows are all similar but unfortunately they are not. From left to right; Urban Decay Half Baked, the Gilded Age trio, and a shade from the MUA Heaven & Earth palette.


This was taken in daylight. It turns out I found a better dupe of Half Baked than I did for the Gilded Age trio. Both of the shades are lighter and not as coppery as the Gilded Age trio shade.


Phew, all done. Has this sort of helped out with the lemming for the trio?


  1. thanks for the comparisons. it's kind of disappointing that the colors are so similar to other but it is a good option if you don't own any of the colors as The Gilded Age Trio is at such a good price.

  2. Great review and comparison! Thanks! All three colors in this trio are so pretty and wearable!

  3. wow you did an amazing job doing the swatches and comparison. The palette looks awesome. I'm going to have to check it out. I like that Wet N Wild is so affordable

  4. Gah! I want some Wnw!!!!! such cute colours!


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