theBalm Meet Matt(e) Palette and Swatches

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Man alive, these mattes are rivaling Inglot for best matte eyeshadows. When I was swatching them they felt very smooth and creamy, not at all chalky. I had only had a slight issue with one of them, which I'll detail later on. Two of the eyeshadows in the Meet Matt(e) palette are a little more on the satin side, with a definite sheen to them. The palette does look small but for the quality I think it's worth it. You get 9.5 grams of shadow, so around 1 gram per shadow and it retails for $34.50 and I got it from TJ Maxx for $16.99.

Note the small ribbon under the included brush to make it easier to remove. I love all the little details in the palette.


The entire palette swatched. I did finger swatches over ELF Mineral Eye Primer


From left to right: Matt Smith, Matt Gallagher, Matt Ramirez. I am loving Matt Gallagher, it's a nice neutral tan.


From left to right: Matt McDonald, Matt Horowitz, Matt Chung. Matt McDonald and Matt Horowitz definitely has a nice sheen to them, it makes them that much more workable. Matt Chung is a pale pink by the way, but it's looking a little more white than it really is.


From left to right; Matt Batali, Matt Schilling, Matt Patel. Matt Patel pulls very purple on me, even though in the pan it is a little more brown and Matt Schilling definitely pulls more blue on my skin than in the pan.


None of these felt chalky for me. Again, I'm so impressed by the formula with the slight exception to Matt Batali; I felt like I had to build up the color a little more than the other eyeshadows but I didn't have any problems with fallout over a base. This is going to sound weird but I noticed the eyeshadows had the slightest peppery smell but only in the palette, it definitely didn't smell like anything on my eyes.


  1. The formula looks very impressive and the slight sheen of these shadows is so luxurious :D

  2. the colors all swatched really nicely and pigmented, especially for mattes!

  3. Has this palette stood the test of time? Does it still rate high marks against your other mattes?


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