Hogwarts Mini Series: Hufflepuff

This one was a little bit tricky to execute since I tried to model it after a badger's face. Badgers usually have two black stripes over their eyes and three white stripes representing the rest of their face. I chose to have two stripes on yellow on my lid and lower lashline with three lines of eyeliner.

Also, it looks like I used two different yellows on my lid but it's actually just Buttercupcake. It seems to darken a little bit when it out but stays nice and bright yellow when you just pack it on.

hufflepuff hogwarts look 026

hufflepuff hogwarts look 016

hufflepuff hogwarts look 009

ELF Mineral Eye Primer
Sugarpill Buttercupcake all over the lid and lower lashline.
NYX Black to draw out the lines
ELF Creme Eyeliner in Black over the lines to darken it
Wet n Wild Mink Brown for my brows


  1. VERY cool! I would love a tutorial on this one! :D

  2. this is sooo cool! so you're excited for the final HP? I'm SO SAD it's gonna be over :(

  3. haha if I manage to have enough patience I'll do a picture one!

  4. I'm so excited but at the same time so sad that everything is ending

  5. Very cute! Would have loved to see this with some full falsies, think that would really have made the look.
    Also, I think the reason for the darkening of the yellow is due to it mixing with the oils in your skin. I see that a lot with bright shadows when they are not really packed on. :)

  6. Beautiful! I love the liner :)

  7. A piece of art. <3 Love it. And Buttercupcake is such a true yellow!


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