Are you as weird about paying for shipping as I am?

Even if I've wanted something for ages, I'll refuse paying for it if shipping is expensive or if it's more than the item I wanted to get originally.

Anything ELF falls under the weirdness about shipping. Their Studio line of products are usually around 3-6 dollars but the shipping itself is around 7. I'm picky about the things I want from them (specifically the HD powder) so I've been refusing to buy anything until that comes in stock. It's ridiculous for me to buy a 3 dollar item and then pay 7 in shipping.

But oh my gosh, there's an amazing amount of joy I have whenever I find an item that's typically online-only in stores.

Case in point, I was perusing this beauty supply shop and found this amazing beast of a nail polish. Nubar Violet Sparkle

(As watermarked, this is Scrangie's picture because I can't manage to capture the hue on my camera! All credit goes to her and I only wish I could take a great picture like she does)

Oh my gahhh, I've been lusting after this beauty for months, ever since it came out but I've been stingy as all hell about paying for it on the Nubar site. 7.49 and shipping is 11.11?@?

No way, no freaking way. I refuse, I'll pay 18 dollars for Urban Decay's 24/7 liner but not for a nail polish.

I pick and choose my battles of course.

Am I nuts for doing this?


  1. It's not just you, I'm totally the same. Like, in example, Models Own is having their %50 off coupon right now. I was going to do a minimum order of just nail polishes (20 UK pounds) but shipping to the US is a flat 10 UK. No way! I bailed out of my order.
    I mean, maybe if I was ordering $100 or more would almost $15 shipping be worth it in my opinion.

    When I order E.L.F. it's usually during a big sale, like the %60 or %75 site-wide off coupons. Shipping is(or was?) free if you had $75 in your cart before coupons. Those coupons only come out like once a year, but I stock up. They always have 1-10 coupons going at any one time to buffer shipping costs.

  2. @Lauren E

    It makes me sad when places don't have a free shipping code. There are times when I'm desperate and suck it up but 10 pounds for shipping is way too much.

    Yeah I'm definitely waiting on the HD powder to come back in stock because there's a couple of 50% off coupons floating around

  3. Nubar's site is AWFUL for shipping. I actually HATE paying a lot for shipping too. I recently did a post about the different shipping costs among sites that I shop at.

    If you want Nubar, I've had better luck and cheaper shipping on ebay.

    MAC ALWAYS has a free shipping code. I never pay for shipping from them.

  4. @Phyrra

    I really liked your post condensing all of the shipping costs, it made it easy to kind of figure out what place I might want to shop from.

    Why is Nubar's shipping 11 dollars? I mean UPS can manage like 8 bucks.

    I love the fact that MAC has free shipping codes, I only wish I could use Ebates with them

  5. @Lauren E

    Also, do you use Ebates with ELF? I only just realized that you could use it with ELF!


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