Konad of the Day, Claires Wild/Calm

I've got a canker sore on my tongue and it really really hurts. I should be used to them (I had tons when I had braces plus I get them around once every month or two) but I've only had one on my tongue once before. It not good.

I really like the Claires Mood Polishes, especially Wild/Calm. It's probably the most dramatic and very shimmery. I was inspired by a manicure SayAnythingBr00ke with one of the new color changing Claires colors and a Fauxnad plate so I thought to recreate it with what I had, this is plate M3.

As it is, because of work I've been trying to do a new manicure each week so potential returning customers can see how nice it looks. One of my coworkers is actually an old customer that I had dealt with two weeks ago! She liked Konad so much she talked to my boss about selling it and then she got the job. Super super awesome but my job ends in less than 2 weeks which makes me sad :( I'll need to go job hunting again.


  1. Ooh, I like it! I really need to get some of the mood polishes. Good luck job hunting!

  2. @Zara

    Thank you for that :)!

    I say only Wild/Calm and Peaceful/Confident are worth it out of the old ones. The green, pink, and grey ones were not worth the trouble it took/the grey one made my hands look awful


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