As if I needed more Konad

I ended my month long job a week ago so I stocked up on some more Konad supplies and plates.

Disclosure: I stayed late with my boss after work (until 3am!) to help her close down the booth and so she was cleaning out some of the things and gave me the Sponge Nail Art kit, Purple stamping polish and Gold Top coat for free. Everything else I bought myself.

Black, White, and Purple stamping polish along with Gold topcoat. Plates M14, S6, and M56

The purple is actually just about this color versus as blue-looking as it is in the other picture. This picture shows off how small my hands are in real life :X

I'm not sure of this really, there is a trick to getting it not too thick and not too thin and I've been practicing to get it just right.

I'll post more pictures of some nails I did with my new plates :)

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