Swirly Purple French Tip NOTD

It got a bit messed up on my middle finger but that's okay. My nails are bare and I just stamped a french tip using M19 and then the swirly pattern from M56 on top in Purple stamping polish. Topped with a coat of Seche Vite :)


  1. I love this design. How do you get the french tips on straight, I always struggle with them and usually just avoid them. Any tips on how to use the french tips.

  2. @CrazyCajunCousins

    Honestly it's a lot of trial and error with my Konad M19 plate. You stamp the tip on differently than how you would the other images so it takes a bit to line up the sides.

    When I do my left hand, I hold it so the nail is facing up and I line up the stamper to the right of it and stamp towards myself.

    With my right hand, it always looks bad the first time around so I use a little filbert brush dipped in acetone to help clean up the edges. I also tend to stamp the tip on with my nail facing me because I find my left hand doesn't apply the same kind of pressure as my right hand does.

    Hopefully this helps! I can take a picture to show you what I mean, haha


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