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My last day of work was yesterday. I snagged a hell of a lot of goodies for myself and she gave away a couple of things to me. It was a perk for closing with her and working from 6-3:15 but I gots to make my money somehow. She gave me a Sponge Nail Art kit so I'm kind of excited to try it!

Rainy Days and Lattes had posted about the tag so I thought I'd do it in a post :)

1. When did you first get started in fashion/beauty blogging and why?- I started my blog in Jan of 2009 but I've only really consistently posted in the last couple of months. I got inspired to do this because I just wanted to just get my thoughts out on a blog.

2. Are you a sweets or savory foods type? - I'm a sweets and sour kind of girl. One of my favorite foods is a kind of pickled spring onion that tastes sweet and sour. Deliciousss

3. Favorite place in the entire world- My favorite place has to be a dance studio, it's just so freeing.

4. Other hobbies besides makeup and clothes- I love to dance. Oh man do I love to dance. I haven't had much time to do it recreationally outside of school (in fact I took a tap class at school) but I'm going to attempt to. I danced from age 5-13 and then I did another year of ballet when I was 17. I most recently did a semester of tap at my university and I'm thinking of doing salsa

I used to do dance competitions and while I may regret it later, here's a picture of me in one of my competitive dance costumes.

Look at that classy stomach cut-out. I did this dance to the song Mambo N. 5

5. Favorite drink? - Thai tea as of late. Oh man I've had so many different kinds of thai tea but I do not like boba. It just tastes all funny and feels all weird in my mouth

6. Perfect date. - Any time with my boyfriend is a perfect date. We're classy and cheap so going out to eat fast food together is sometimes considered a date with us. If I had to say what was required of a perfect date, it would have to be Olive Garden Breadsticks.

7. Your beauty indulgence. - Nail polish, so many nail polishesss

8. Favorite magazine? books? - Historical Romance novels are my vice :X

I tag everyone who reads this and follows me :D!

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