Things I've learned about konad + post office customer rant

A. Teen girls can be annoying especially if they're in groups and have money.

B. The stamping polish you can find dupes for, but the really cheap ones will argue that they can use their own rubber stamper.

C. Good customer service will lead to returning customers and/or a little boy that come by again to ask for you and will wait until you start working

D. The new style bottles of polish may look pretty but they tip over so easily. The old style plain bottles do not.

E. My booth is six feet long, I can hear every word you say. Even the nasty stuff.

F. Men who are willing to get their nail stamped by me are keepers. Their sense of humor is something you want to have.

And a post office related rant. I am number 61 and you were 52. Don't go up when I'm called saying you were 52 and you're going now. Had you asked nicely I would have said yes but no you had to be rude about it. My time is just as valuable as yours and where were you when they called 53 thru 60? I was originally 58 but I gave it to someone because I wasn't done with my packages and didn't want to spend 20 minutes at the counter.

Learn some manners please.

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  1. Hehe this post made me giggle.
    Especially #2.
    The stamp/scraper is cheap enough (well compared to the plates). While you can find "replacement" stampers from the Ebay HK sellers they are pretty inferior. I have both Konad and chinese ones. My chinese one is only nice because it's light pink, but it needs to be superglued down to work because the rubber is too small for the plastic so it falls out.


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