De-Inserting my MAC palette

My Kryolan eyeshadow is huge and wouldn't fit into my palette so I had to de-insert it. The Kryolan eyeshadow wasn't magnetized but it was easy enough to cut up a business card magnet to glue onto it.

My palette all de-inserted!

The aftermath of the de-inserting. I think you can fit 24 or 26 normal sized eyeshadows after you take out the insert, but I'm thinking I could probably fit 20 due to the size of the Kryolan pan

From the top left corner clockwise, Kryolan TK2, MAC Electric Eel, MAC Violet Trance (worst texture ever for a matte :( but it looks so pretty), Jane Black eyeshadow (possibly discontinued but it's essentially a MAC Black Tied dupe), MAC Deep Truth, MAC Shimmermoss, MAC Golden Olive Pigment pressed, MAC Coco pressed and MAC Goldenaire pressed.

I also just noticed that my LinkWithin wasn't working because it was linking to my old domain but now it's updated and fully working :)

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