Big Lots Haulage and Thanks to my new followers :)

I'm so so grateful for A Polish Problem and Positively Polish for recently featuring on the new blog roundups/alerts :) It's really nice being able to have an audience for my odd ramblings. I highly highly recommend you guys check out all the blogs that were featured!

I wanted to post about something I got at Big Lots

Hells yeah for Count Chocula. During Count Chocula season I ate so many bowls of Count Chocula the roof of my mouth went a bit raw :X

The best part about me getting Count Chocula?

By the way, it's technically still edible, for the date says Best By August 24th 2010 which means it doesn't expire then but that it is best to eat by that time. I can't wait for Count Chocula season, I've missed chocolate-y cereals. Does anyone else remember Nesquik or Oreo-Os? My favorite cereals always get discontinued :(


  1. Count Chocula was discontinued?!
    I loved that cereal!

  2. @Claudia

    Oh no it isn't discontinued! It is only available before Halloween along with Boo Berry and Franken-berry so it was strange for me to see it during the off season.

    They had copious amounts of Boo Berry and Franken-berry but I snagged this last one


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