Minty Blue Green eyeshadow look

As promised, a look featuring the Kryolan eyeshadow. I'm weird about posting; I tend to have a big inspiration streak that makes me impatient to wait days between posting or times where I have a lull in between posts. I can't just be patient and inspired at the same time I guess.

Off topic post first, I had a returning deaf customer on Wednesday at work, it was so so exciting :) I love being able to sign and it's nice to be able to actually use what I've learned. I think some of the other customers at the booth where I work at were a little bit intrigued due to my signing and the fact that it was quiet.

Normally where I work it gets loud because there's a cooking demonstration diagonal to us along with other vendors so it was a bit interesting to be the silent one in the middle while it was busy with my coworkers. My coworker complemented me when I was done saying it was amazing because I speak Vietnamese and know Sign :)

I should have tried harder to put Electric Eel on on my lower lash line.

Gah that Kryolan eyeshadow looks awesome.

I didn't actually use an eyeshadow base with this; I found that the matte eyeshadow showed up better on white eyeliner instead. I got this tip about putting matte pigments and shadows on white eyeliner from Dustyohunter in this video about pigment use with regards to eyes.

NYX White Eyeliner
Kryolan TK2 eyeshadow (I did not see any other name for it and I didn't see it on the back)
MAC Electric Eel in the crease and lower lash line
MAC Provence Pigment as the highlight
Essence No Limits WP Mascara


  1. This looks really nice on you! I love both of those colors.

  2. @Zara Thank you :)! I only wish Kryolan named the eyeshadow so it'd be easier for other people to identify it

  3. You have the most gorgeous eyes. The shadow compliments them so well.

  4. @Lauren E

    Thank you :)! I'm definitely liking all your Konad experiments

  5. This looks really nice on you! I love both of those colors.


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