Out of curiosity's sake

How did you guys come upon my blog/how did you guys get started reading? Do you guys have any questions or comments for me?

I'm just really intrigued, haha. Over the last couple of days I've had a lot more page views so I'm wondering about where everyone is coming from!

My first day of school was good! I absolutely love my Family and Personal Development teacher already and we went over Derivatives today in my Survey of Calc class.

I looooove derivatives, if I could marry math concepts I would marry derivatives. It's an easy math concept to me and something I can do in a flash. Throw a polynomial at me and I can derive it in 5 seconds or less.

I was able to add my Conceptual Physics which means I just have to worry about the Counseling class and the Salsa class!

For those of you in school/starting the work week, how has it been thus far?


  1. I was just browsing through blogrolls and clicked a link, and then another and then... well, eventually I came to your blog. Anybody who loves nail polish has to be pretty good in my book. Hee.


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