Graftobian Foundation/Discussion about my skin

Gah for unscrupulous bank account fraudulent charge people! The day after I cashed my paycheck someone made a fraudulent charge and thus I had to wait for the charge to post and then I had to file a claim on it. Bah that was annoying.

On a better note, I just wanted to show you how much I like the Graftobian HD Glamour Creme foundation by doing a comparison. Plus I'm seeing Scott Pilgrim later tonight/Friday Morning! Super excited for that!

Naked Face.

With Graftobian. I wear it in shade Desert Sand but unfortunately I don't know of the MAC equivalent :(

I'm pretty happy with the Graftobian foundation especially with the look of it on my skin. It is a cream foundation and I haven't been wearing any sort of primer for my combo skin but I couldn't resist getting it.

I apply it by mixing it with silcon liquid until it's more liquidy than creamy because I find it gets heavy looking when applied just as a cream. I then take a damp sponge and wipe it over my face and it gives it a really nice natural look. It isn't crazy full coverage on my skin, but I'd rather have some natural looking coverage versus heavy cakey full coverage

I am ridiculously happy because I actually have clear skin between my eyebrows. It's probably sad to say that it's been probably 7 years since I've been able to touch my forehead and feel my skin without acne. I credit this to washing my face everyday (even with cold water :( and I hate being cold). Over the last couple of months, I judged how well my skin was by seeing how far my pinky tip could travel on my forehead without hitting any acne. Now I can stick my ring finger on my forehead and go places.

It's been tough having acne over the years. When my acne was really bad, I used to get a lot of advice from random Asian strangers and such about what I should do or not do. For example, I remember when I was reading in Barnes and Noble once and I got into a conversation with an older Vietnamese gentleman next to me. He said "you drink a lot of soda right? Drink more water and don't eat so much sugar".

It sounds absurdly rude (my boyfriend found this crazy rude) but I'm used to it and it is a big cultural divide thing. In Asian cultures we regard our elders highly and they always give out advice to the younger generation so in normal Asian realms it isn't rude or anything but just an example of the adult passing on wisdom. As it is, if an American said that to me I would be insanely insulted, due to the fact that within the boundaries of American culture that's not done.

Thus ends my anthropology lesson of the day!

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