Indie Makeup Store Haul+Birthday Dinner

Just to warn you, this is photo-heavy!

I got paid on Wednesday plus got some birthday money so I thought I'd just spend a bit of it on something nice for myself. My birthday was pretty nice and simple, I got a free Daphnes Greek Cafe plate and soda and got my boyfriend lunch because he happened to be working for most of the day. I'm planning on getting a free Cold Stone's ice cream creation soon

I went shopping with my sister but didn't end up getting anything. I also went out to eat Korean BBQ and became too full to eat the ice cream cake we had gotten, haha. Pictures of my dinner at the end :)

Woo Woo Haulage. I had gotten one of the Graftobian foundations a week ago and wanted to include the new one I got. I also got a Kryolan eyeshadow in TK2 in addition to a free bottle of silicon to mix with my foundation to make it a bit lighter. The metal plate at the end is just an Essence Stampy plate turned upside down to act as a palette for me to mix my foundation in.

I paid 12 bucks for each foundation and guess how much is in that wee pot? .5 oz! If you actually look at some of the labels of higher end brands, you'll notice that they usually contain less than .5 oz of product, ex. Benefit's Some Kind of Gorgeous has only .35 oz, ditto for MAC's Studio Tech.

This color looks to be very similar to MAC's Newly Minted which was discontinued ages ago. It has such a nice texture for a matte, I've got a look featuring it coming up soon :)

By the way, the pans are about the size of MakeUpForever's eyeshadows and contain 3.5 grams. Bombdiggity because it means I paid 10 bucks for an eyeshadow that is 2 1/2 times the size(MAC's being 1.5 grams)
Desert Sand on the left, Temptress on the right. You can see that Desert Sand is looking a bit more peachy than Temptress which is a bit more yellow/neutral toned.

My cheeks are lighter than my forehead which is not even the same color as my neck so I've been mixing Temptress and Desert Sand together. Even with that, my face does look a bit lighter than my neck but if I go any darker, I turn super orange so I'll just live with it. I really do love this foundation, my face looks amazingly poreless it's kind of shocking.

Korean BBQ pictures ahead! This is the end of the beauty related business :)

With Korean BBQ, you have a big grill installed into the center of the table and it has a grill plate that you cook the food on. There's chicken in the back, spicy pork and pork belly on the grill. There's also Gyeran jjim served with it, which is the eggy casserole thing to the left. Deliciousss

Along with this, you get several side dishes that you eat along with the K BBQ. Starting from the left and going clockward in, there's steamed/boiled(?) broccoli with hot sauce, cucumber kim chi, cellophane noodles with something, bean sprouts, potato salad, beans and then kim chi radishes.

The best part was the ice cream that you could self serve at the end. Fabulous

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