School today!

So I'm starting my 3rd year of university today (unfortunately I'm petitioning for 2 classes so let's hope that all goes well)

Due to this, my posting will probably be a little lagged for the next couple of months but I'll definitely try to keep up. I am not going to be doing anything real extracurricular although salsa club looks mighty exciting looking. Hopefully I can balance the 16 units I want plus a job!

Thus far, I'm signed up for

Survey of Calculus B- I'm actually taking this voluntarily, I loved my Survey of Calculus A teacher and I got an A by the skin of my teeth but I'm excited

Family and Personal Development- This is a class that discusses such things like current events and race relations and its impact on families and such. I think this will be my hardest class

Community Psychology- My only 8am class :( 8am normally doesn't exist for me but I'm sucking it up because I need this class. This class is about the discussion of contemporary social problems

Hopefully I can add

Conceptual Physics-dear lord, I love math but not if it applies to physics. This is nonmath physics and I couldn't be any happier!

Career Counseling- This class is basically going to help me pick a career/major. It is my 3rd year and I still have no idea about what I'm doing

Salsa- I'm honestly a dancer at heart but I hate taking the theory behind dance. Thus I'm going to try this class. I'm running out of different kinds of dance to take, I've already done ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, and en pointe in my lifetime. I hate modern (too arm swinging and emotional for me) and I'm inspired by Dancing with the Stars for Salsa.

Here's hoping everyone who is in school/working has a good semester!

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